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Facials – Facial Spa

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For those who seek the ultimate pampering experience. A customized facial that begins by cleansing the face with a gentle foam cleanser, a mild glycolic acid application toning your skin, following a facial massage to stimulate the skin, applying a coconut and papaya enzyme while under steam, after extractions we mist the face with our popular green tea, continuing onto a collagen mask which will be left on for 15 minutes and a foot massage begins following warm booties, carrying on by applying Dr. Longwill’s eye cream and an anti-aging ampoule to help fine lines and wrinkles, finalizing your treatment with a light massage using our tinted sunscreen.

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90 min $150.00

Gentleman’s Facial

This tailor-made treatment dedicated to the specific needs of a man’s skin is a wonderful way to revive and relax. Beginning with a foaming pore cleanse, exfoliating the skin, and massaging the face to stimulate the skin. Once completely relaxed we proceed to steam the face with a warm damp towel and extract impurities in the nose area, following a mint fresh mask to further draw impurities, a soothing massage of arms and hands, finalizing with a moisturizer and sunscreen application to leave your skin conditioned and healthy.

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45 min $55.00 

Classic Facial

This facial begins with pore cleansing, following a facial massage to stimulate the skin, applying a raspberry enzyme and continuing into a soothing steam extraction. Finalizing your treatment with an oxygen mask, hand massage and sunscreen application.

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60 min $75.00 

Sensitive Skin

This specialized facial soothes fragile skin, to reduce redness, irritation caused by sensitive skin or rosacea. Our Sensitive Skin Facial gently cleanses, followed by a facial massage, application of an enzyme mask while under steam, soothing extractions, finishing the treatment with an oxygen mask and sunscreen application.

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60 min $75.00 

Deep Cleansing Acne Facial

The perfect remedy for our acne patients. This is a deep cleansing facial for problematic skin. Service includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, followed by manual pore extractions, high frequency and a minty fresh mask. Finished off with a purity ampoule to enhance your results, an oil free moisturizer and sunblock.

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60 min $75.00

Vitamin C BLT ‘Brighten Lighten & Tighten’ FACIAL

To restore radiance, this superb treatment infuses the skin with vitamin C to lessen signs of sun damage. It begins with a skin cleanse, following a facial massage to stimulate the skin, application of a Lemon Zest Enzyme while under steam, continuing into a soothing extraction process. Finalizing the treatment with a Vitamin C solution penetrated into the skin, eye cream and sunscreen application.

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60 min $85.00


A procedure that gently polishes away the top layer of dead skin cells, white stimulating collagen growth. Reveal softer, smoother and more vibrant skin.

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40 min $150.00 

Perfect 10 Peel  

A series of these peels will give you a dramatic improvement in texture and tones, softening of superficial fine lines, lighten pigmentation and helping control oil and active acne. 

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30 min $175.00-200.00 

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