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3 Things You Can Do to Help Treat Your Acne WITHOUT Touching Your Skin!

Is Your Pillowcase Propagating Acne Breakouts on Your Skin?

Most of us do the same thing, going about our daily routine before returning home to nuzzle up with our pillow before we drift off to slumberland. Unfortunately, some of us possess irritating pimples and other acne issues that may bother us for several days, even after committing to skin care regimens.

Feel like you’ve tried almost everything to get rid of your acne but cannot overcome?  Many acne treatments for sensitive skin work well, but some other environmental facets can prevent these modalities from getting the job done. Even your pillowcase can contribute to acne issues.

Dr. Longwill and the team from the Miami Center for Dermatology want to share some information on three common things you can do to help treat your acne without laying a finger on your skin. While we direct individuals wielding sensitive skin to this article, the methods contained within can help anyone that may suffer from acne issues.

Your Pillowcase is Accumulating Bacteria as you Read This

When you don’t wash your pillowcase frequently, this can contribute to your acne issues. This is due to accumulating bacteria and dirt, as well as oils. These stem from our environment, in addition to our skin and hair due to daily usage.

As you sleep, the fabric on your pillowcase likely traps heat, sweat, and bacteria, leading to skin irritation. Without frequently washing your pillowcase, this will render acne treatments for sensitive skin essentially moot. The dirt and oil on your pillowcase transfer right back to your skin, clogging pores and causing blemishes.

Wear Loose-Fitting, Cotton Clothing

Wearing cotton clothes that breathe under your regular clothes can help you stave off acne issues. Unfortunately, individuals that possess a tendency to develop acne experience worsening acne conditions due to mechanical pressure and friction.

An excellent example of this scenario is blackhead and whitehead propagation in women wearing bras, and individuals that carry around a backpack or other heavy bag with straps that contact the body. When the skin is tightly covered with cloth and pressurized, it becomes vulnerable to acne issues. Synthetic materials can also result in increased acne issues. Skin irritation represents a leading cause resulting in acne problems

To alleviate this issue, loose-fitting clothes, as well as comprehensive acne treatments for sensitive skin remain ideal. Breathable, loose-fitting materials alleviate skin irritation while the acne treatments for sensitive skin attack the condition head-on.

Exercise and Acne Issues

The best way to treat any acne condition is by preventing their occurrence entirely. Regrettably, for the gym rats out there, loose-fitting clothes aren’t an option. Nevertheless, it remains essential to change out of any sweaty clothes immediately after a workout. This ensures your minimal contact with harmful dirt and oil that can clog pores while stimulating acne breakouts.

Shower as soon as possible with a body cleanser and face cleanser. Dry off gently and then exfoliate, this will prevent any excess dead skin cells and help you prevent a breakout before it starts!

Acne Treatments for Sensitive Skin from the Miami Center for Dermatology

If you start noticing rough skin patches, red bumps, as well as white and blackheads, this may indicate a condition that we call acne mechanica. You may discover that this takes place in sweat-prone areas and those where clothes and other fabrics rub excessively.

Our team from the Miami Center for Dermatology can help you with comprehensive acne treatments for sensitive skin. We combine lifestyle suggestions as well as an ideal product selection to help you overcome your acne issues. For more information, contact our team today! We can help you achieve you best looking and best feeling skin!