Age Spot Removal Miami

Age Spot Removal Miami | Best Age Spot Removal Treatment

Age Spots Removal Miami

Age Spots Removal Miami

Age spots, brown spots, or lentigines, as referred to by dermatologists, were thought to be associated with just aging and sun damage, but they can often be caused as a result of a boost in estrogen hormones, pregnancy, acne and genetic history. Certain medications sensitize the skin to the sun and other medications can cause dark spots without sun exposure. The most common offending medications are, Estrogens, Tetracyclines, Amiodarone, Phenytoin, Phenothiazines, Sulfonamides. Age spots are most commonly seen in areas exposed to sunlight, such as: the face, cheeks, chest, hands and shoulders. Melanin, a pigment within your skin, is responsible for absorbing sunlight over time.

This repeated exposure to UV rays damages your skin and lowers your ability to produce melanin pigment and protect it from brown spots. Age spots appear as flat and oval areas of increased pigmentation and are usually brown, black or gray, depending on your skin tone. Age spots typically develop in people with a fair complexion, but they can be seen in those with darker skin as well. When you notice a change in your skin, whether it is a brown spot, pigmented lesion or any elevated spot on your skin, it’s important not to assume that it’s harmless. It may be just a brown spot or something else, but  board certified, Age Spot Removal Miami Dermatologist Dr. Longwill, can truly identify the marking and its probable source.

The Down Side to Age Spots 

While it’s true that Age spots are harmless, they can tarnish a youthful appearance. Of course, prevention is key with Age spots, like most skin problems, yet many dermatologists would agree that a main precursor of Age spots is excessive sun exposure. Proper protection can help keep these unattractive little marks away. A well formulated sun block should be your first line of defense. Age Spot Removal Miami Dermatologist Dr. Longwill of the Miami Center for Dermatology, offers Daily Replenishing Sunblock SPF 36, which is infused with botanicals, including Elhibin and Colhibin to help prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers, while protecting and strengthening skin. If these pesky little marks have already made their way to your skin, Dr. Longwill has the clinical and cosmetic experience to help get your complexion back on track.

Her signature Retinol Green Tea Rejuvenating Serum can help achieve smoother, firmer and more evenly toned skin. This retinol based serum is enriched with caffeine to help achieve more radiant looking skin, while delivering the skin enhancement and protective antioxidant benefits afforded by 90% green tea polyphenols.

Additional Age Spot Removal Treatments 

Other treatments Age Spot Removal Miami Dermatologist Dr. Longwill offers to proactively help diminish Age spots are, chemical peels like the Vitalize Peel®. This chemical peel helps fight the effects of aging, and sun damage by brightening your complexion and taking years off the look of your skin in just 30 minutes. Fraxel ® laser helps ward off Age spots, sun damage, wrinkles or other signs of aging. This treatment delivers remarkable results with a fast recovery, allowing you to quickly return to work or other activities with a rejuvenated look—and renewed confidence. Intense Pulse Light (IPL)® treatment is a great way to quickly and effectively remove Age spots . The IPL Pulsed Light System® IPL technology improves the appearance of photo-aged skin, removes age spots (sun-induced freckles), most benign brown pigments, and redness caused by broken capillaries through a process called photo-rejuvenation for face and body.

If Age spots are an increasing concern for you, you should know that a solution is right readily available by visiting a trusted board certified dermatologist like Dr. Longwill of the Miami Center for Dermatology.

Age Spot Removal Miami | Best Dermatologist in Miami 

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