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Miami Center for Cosmetic Dermatology
patient getting Laser hair removal

The The Amount of Money You’d Save on Shaving Products Pays for this Treatment!

Laser Hair Removal

When you are accustomed to buying the tools needed to maintain proper hygiene such as shaving cream, razors, lotions, it can begin to add up quickly. The cost and time it takes to sustain appropriate cleanliness regularly is the reason why so many people are giving Laser Hair Removal a shot. Not only will you save money in the long run, but you will also save yourself time and hassle! Dr. Deborah Longwill with the Miami Center for Dermatology is here to help you remove that stubborn hair for good quickly and painlessly.

Ditch the painful process of tweezing

Why continue to use daunting tweezers when you can have your hair follicles painlessly destroyed? At the Miami Center for Dermatology, the laser hair removal treatment only takes minutes. You will begin to see the effects of the hair removal in as quickly as a few weeks.


This process of Laser Hair Removal consists of matching specific wavelengths of light and pulse durations. The laser focus makes this a relatively painless process, comparable to a rubber band snap, by ensuring that the surrounding skin tissue remains unaffected. It tackles and destroys the areas that cause the hair growth without damaging or overheating surrounding skin.  Some patients may need to return for multiple treatments, depending on the thickness and coarseness of the hair that requires removal. However, Dr. Deborah Longwill and her staff can remove hair on areas of the body such as the face, legs, arms, chest, back as well as the more sensitive areas such as underarms and bikini line, in as little as 5 to 9 treatments. When considered that shaving is almost a daily ritual, and tweezing and plucking can be just as frequent and painful, with less than ten procedures to remove the hair for good, it almost seems too good to be true. Dr. Longwill aims to make patients feel more confident and improve their general well being overall. With the help of the Miami Center for Dermatology, you can finally stop feeling so insecure about lifting your arms in public because of the dark hair follicles underneath. You could finally say goodbye to painful and irritating rashes caused by shaving. You cannot go wrong with Dr. Longwill’s holistic approach to removing stubborn hair, and the money you would save on shaving products would pay for the treatment on its own.

Save your money and your time

By partaking in Dr. Longwill’s Laser Hair Removal, you will not only look and feel much more confident in your skin, but you will also save on average $500 a year. Not just that, but it is estimated that the average person will spend a total of 70 days of their life shaving. Why go through the constant struggle of nicking your skin, over-plucking your facial hair which can cause irritation and red bumps, when you can turn to Dr. Longwill and resolve your hair issues for good!

Ditch the hassle that comes with shaving and hair removal. Getting rid of your stubborn hair and saying goodbye to the shaving products that are putting your money down the drain will be the best investment you can make for yourself. Call us today at (305)-279-7546 or click here to schedule an appointment today!