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You May Be a Year Older, but Your Skin Doesn't Have to Look like It: Benefits of Collagen

You May Be a Year Older, but Your Skin Doesn’t Have to Look like It: Benefits of Collagen

If you’ve heard anything about anti-aging skincare, you’ve probably heard about collagen. Although not all products out there that mention collagen actually do anything for your skin, there are an infinite number of benefits of collagen if applied correctly.

Why Is Collagen So Important?

Did you know that collagen is the protein your body produces the most of? Collagen doesn’t just have to do with skin; it’s also essential for your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When it comes to oily skin, collagen is what helps it maintain elasticity. Without it, you would probably get a wrinkle every time you smiled or frowned.

Collagen is what makes your skin appear young and smooth, but it breaks down as you age. With less elasticity, your skin starts forming those fine lines, and it begins to sag. You’ll also likely get age spots and even dry skin. Although aging is a natural part of life, there are plenty of activities that can speed up the process, such as sun exposure without protection, pollution, and even chronic stress. This is why incorporating collagen into your skincare routine is so important and why there are so many benefits of collagen.

If you’re currently experiencing all of these signs of aging, like spots and wrinkles, collagen injections can have long-lasting effects and yield amazing results. You may also have more noticeable scars as you get older, and collagen injections can help with this too. Because of collagen’s natural tendency to decline as you get older, your skin can scar more easily and not heal as it did before, so collagen fillers can fade scars significantly and help your skin appear as it did before (even the scars caused by acne!)

Cosmetic dermatologist giving a woman collagen injections to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

What Works and What Doesn’t

Like we mentioned before, there are a lot of products that contain this protein and promise the benefits of collagen, but only provide a limited scope of results. Although topical collagen skincare products may help in fading signs of aging, the effects are on the smaller side because the collagen can only penetrate so far into your skin. Collagen injections, however, can indeed go deep enough into your skin to produce a more noticeable result in increasing your skin’s elasticity for a longer period. Although collagen injections do not last forever and do not necessarily prevent future wrinkles, getting collagen fillers every few months will help your skin appear as youthful as possible as you age over time.

Smiling woman applying moisturizer that will help with her skin’s collagen production.

According to some studies, oral collagen supplements might be able to help as well. Our dermatologists here recommend collagen injections or injections that stimulate your skin’s natural production of collagen, like Radiesse and Sculptra. If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of fillers just yet and want a topical product instead, we have plenty of skincare products that stimulate your skin to produce collagen on its own. Our Enriched Moisture moisturizer and Skin Quench serum are essentials!

Our dermatology professionals are skilled experts in anti-aging, and we would love to discuss which collagen options are best for you so you can experience the full benefits of collagen. Stop by our office for a consultation as soon as you can!