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Close up of woman receiving beauty treatment with Botox.

3 Secrets About Botox Your Dermatologist Never Told You

When it comes to fine lines and deep wrinkles, Botox can be your best friend. The super substance is known for filling in lines that your concealer won’t, giving a long-lasting youthful result and being virtually painless. While most run to botox when they find imperfections as they look in the mirror, it’s safe to say there are a few things you may not be aware of. Don’t blame your dermatologist, but thank us for giving you the inside scoop on the ins and outs of botox with these Botox Tips.

3 Botox Tips Your Dermatologist Forgot to Tell You

Botox is a drug prepared from toxin botulin, a bacteria used to treat cosmetically and cosmetically medically. It helps remove wrinkles and fine lines by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles along with aiding in treatment for muscular conditions. While Botox is generally brought up in conversations about beauty, but keep in mind its used to treat excessive sweating, migraines, some bladder and bowel disorders and more.

But, before jumping into the chair for a Botox treatment, here are a few Botox Tips that your dermatologist never told you:

Putting Ice on Your Injections Can Do More Harm Than Good

Sometimes, after a Botox session, you may receive a blemish or bruise around the area injected. Don’t worry, this is common. Your first instinct may be to add ice to your face, but studies show that cold temperatures could inhibit the update of Botox. Botox can cost anywhere between $400 and $700. This isn’t something you’d want to waste your money on. Instead of icing your bruise, try a concealer or anti-inflammatory gel that will give you good coverage and work topically.

The Full Effect You’re Seeking Will Come In A Few Days

All good things come with patience. After your botox session, you may feel your results should appear instantly. Trust us, you deserve it, but in reality, it may take a few days. By day one, it’s normal to expect nothing. On day two, the tiny amounts of botox injected will start to “freeze” and fill in the fine lines in the injected area. Remember, your face should never feel frozen or stiff. While all patients are different, most can expect to see the full effect of their investment after three to seven days. If your dermatologist didn’t tell you this Botox Tip, you’re welcome.

You may get a headache

With beauty there is pain. Yes, Botox is used to relieve extreme migraines, and it is proven to do so once injected into certain areas, but it isn’t uncommon to have a slight headache after your session. First-time botox users can expect tension headaches. The pain usually strikes and disappears the same day. Try to avoid pain-relievers like Aleve or Advil as they can cause side effects to your injection site.

In all, Botox can be your best friend. The cure-all beauty hack can do wonders for fine lines, deep wrinkles, headaches and more, but as your friends at Miami Center for Dermatology, we wouldn’t keep these Botox Tips secret from you. For more questions about Botox Tips or to schedule an appointment with a licensed professional, please feel free to make an appointment or make a call.