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Causes of Skin Cancer

What Are The Causes of Skin Cancer? Find a Treatment in Miami Dermatology!

Causes of Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Treatment in Miami

Skin cancer is one of the many branches of cancer. There are various types of skin cancer for instance, the squamous cell cancer originated from the middle skin layer of the body which does not spread much throughout the body, this type of cancer should be treated immediately otherwise will become fatal. The cells which are formed from the bottom layer of the epidermis can result to basal cancer. These are very commonly seen and are one of the most dangerous skin cancers.

The Various Causes of Skin Cancer:

  • Exposure to UV-Rays– Sun rays are not good for your skin. Sun rays contain ultra-violet rays which are harmful for the skin when it comes in direct contact with the skin. It causes damage to the skin cells and increases the probability of skin cancer.
  • Skin tanning– If you have exposed your skin to harmful UV rays then you will see that your skin has been tanned. Skin tanning can cause the skin to get loose and for brown patches to be present all over body. This is the first alarm which tells you to look for a doctor; this is a sign of skin cancer. To avoid tanning you can use the SPF according to the type of skin you have, it will help your skin be protected against skin cancer.
  • X-Rays– Do not expose your skin to excess x-rays. X- rays are very dangerous with time develops and potentially causes skin cancer.
  • Fake –Tans: All fake tans include several chemicals of which causes skin cancer. The application and removal of fake tans both consist of harmful combination of chemicals which is not good for the skin and it reduces the cells of the body which results in cancer.
  • Consuming Tobacco– Smoking tobacco particles is not good for the health. They cause many diseases and one of them is skin cancer.

To Heal Several Types of Skin Cancer There Are Many Skin Cancer Treatments:

  • Surgical treatment – There are many treatments which are given to a patient to recover from skin cancer. This method is applicable when the cells or cancer have not spread on the body much.
  • The Excision
  • The Mohs surgery
  • The Curettage and Electrodesiccation

The Other Various Skin Cancer Treatments Are:

  • The Cryosurgery
  • The Immunotherapy
  • The Chemotherapy
  • The Photodynamic therapy
  • The Radiation therapy

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