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Different Ways to Wash Your Face: Which Is Best for You?

Clear Skin Tips

Clear Skin Tips

Clear Skin Tips

Healthy Skin Routine

Washing your face is part of your morning and before bed routine in order for your skin to look and feel better. But sometimes the way you are washing your face can be doing more harm than good. Just like there is a wrong way to do something, there is always a few wrong ways you can wash your face, and a few right ways you can wash your face. With our Clear Skin Tips you can achieve beautiful and fresher looking skin!

What not to do when it comes to washing your face:

  • Using extremely hot water: Using hot water can cause extreme dryness for your skin, create redness and blotchiness, and cause irritation. One of the most important Clear Skin Tips we can offer is to use lukewarm to open the pores slightly and allow dirt to be washed away instead of super hot water.
  • Using extremely cold water: Unlike hot water, cold water keeps your pores closed, preventing any oils and dirt from being cleansed. Go for warmer water!
  • Over exfoliating: Exfoliating too often or too hard can cause redness, itchiness, irritation, rashes, dry skin, and more! Exfoliating around 2 times a week can keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful.
  • Too much of a product: Apply no more than a nickel sized amount onto your hands of the product. Using too much of the product is not only a waste but it can also cause a few problems with your skin if it isn’t balanced.
  • Cleansing too much: If you cleanse your skin more than 2 times a day, you can be wreaking havoc and causing irritation, dryness, or extreme redness.
  • Using harsh products: Harsh products are those that have chemicals and toxins that do more harm than good unto the skin. For natural and healthier skin care products, check out Dr. Longwill’s store today!
  • Drying with a towel: Towels carry a lot of germs and can easily transmit them onto your face which can cause bacteria and therefore make your cleanse pointless.

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