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Cosmetic Fillers Comparison

Cosmetic Fillers in Kendall

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There are many types of cosmetic  fillers that exist today. That is why there are many people who are experiencing difficulties in choosing the right one. This is one of the reasons why this cosmetic fillers comparison has been made. It actually contains a lot of information about the different types of the cosmetic fillers and the benefits that each of them provides. The presence of this cosmetic fillers comparison will give many people the difference which will help them in choosing the right and the best filler. They will also have the assurance that it will meet their needs and demands. This only means that the comparison of cosmetic fillers will help a lot of people in assessing each and every type of cosmetic filler.

Below are the comparisons of the different types of cosmetic fillers

  • Botox – This is filler is actually made of a well developed botulinum toxin. This is clinically tested and proven to work due to the impressive benefits that it provides. It can remove wrinkles and fine lines in the face. It can also make the skin look younger and smoother and makes the muscles near the eye relaxed. Botox is not recommended of a dermatologist to use in frown lines due to side effects that individuals might experience.
  • Restylane – Restylane is the latest injectable filler that contains hyaluronic acid, which can give immediate result. This is actually has a longer effect in contrasting to the botox. It can be use in removing fine lines in the circumference of the mouth, and the augmentation of the lips. And it doesn’t require any assessment before undertaking the treatment.
  • Perlane – The ingredients that are used in this type of filler are the same in Restylane. But, it contains higher rate of hyaluronic acid that’s why it can easily remove lifelines in the forehead, around the eye and mouth. The effect of it is longer than the Restylane, and it is also recommended using in  as a lip injectable improvement.
  • Radiesse – This filler contains substances that come from the teeth and bones. The function of this cosmetic filler is the same with the four above. But, it has a long lasting effect (2 to 5 years). This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are choosing this rather than the four.
  • Sculptura – This is also called as the New Fill. Actually, it is advanced hydrogel derma filler that can really remove unnecessary fine lines around the face. And it doesn’t need assessment if it can give side effect to individuals.

With the help and presence of this cosmetic fillers comparison, many people will have an easy way process of choosing for the right one. But, it will be better for them to consult first with a dermatologist like Dr. Deborah Longwill at Miami Center for Dermatology so that she can have an in depth talk about the cosmetic fillers comparison.

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