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Dermal Fillers vs Botox: What Works Best for You?

The Best Botox Miami FL Has to Offer

It is totally natural to feel a little discouraged when you think that your age is starting to show. Maybe it isn’t your age that’s showing, but rather some unfair lines or wrinkles that make you appear older than you really are. Our bodies go through many changes as we get older, and your face is no exception. However, this is nothing to feel insecure or ashamed about, especially when there is a perfect solution just around the corner. Miami Center for Dermatology offers cosmetic procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers. Before you book your appointment on one of our confidence-boosting, life-changing procedures, you should first learn which works better for you: Botox or dermal fillers?


Dermal Fillers Miami FL

Dermal fillers work to give your face a fuller look in areas where it has thinned out by giving the lips a fuller and rounder appearance. If you are looking for removal of lines in the face, Botox is probably for you. Miami Center for Dermatology offers both! The dermal fillers are available to not only add volume and decrease wrinkles, but they also can work to improve under eye bags, darkness, as well as signs of aging in the hands. Dr. Longwill will do a thorough assessment before deciding which treatment is best for you.

Botox Miami FL

The Botox treatment available at Miami Center for Dermatology serves to remove facial, frown, and forehead lines. This cosmetic procedure right here in Miami Florida is made possible and safe by Miami Center for Dermatology. Thanks to Dr. Longwill’s years of experience, you can rest assured that she and her fully equipped staff will deliver the best services, putting your comfort and safety first. Miami Center for Dermatology also uses the latest technology, making sure you receive the best when it comes to cosmetic procedures.  


How does Botox work?


Botox is made from a neurotoxin called botulinum that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. During this procedure, it is injected into the skin in a non-lethal dosage. This works to freeze the muscles in the face, thus reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Botox treatments only last about three to four months, this calls for maintenance and upkeep. It can be comforting to know that it is not a permanent change to the face! We doubt you will be unsatisfactory, but knowing that it will not last forever can be what pushes hesitant people to give it a try.

Here at Miami Center for Dermatology, we understand and cater to your cosmetic needs and overall well-being. That’s why it is essential for you to meet with Dr. Longwill as soon as possible to figure out which cosmetic procedure is right for you; dermal fillers or botox? Your comfort, safety, and satisfaction are our primary concerns. Don’t wait any longer to get your appearance back to one that makes you feel confident and young. Call today to schedule an appointment at (305) 279-7546 or click here to contact us today!