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Different types of Acne

What Are The Different Types of Acne? Find A Treatment Today!

Different Types of Acne

Who Suffers from Acne Breakouts?

Different types of Acne is generally thought as small pimples that signals puberty. This is the time when there are a lot of hormonal changes going on in the body and the skin reacts in a much similar way as well. Most adolescents develop oily skin because of which acne gets more chances of development. However, acne is nothing that goes away with the teen years. There are many adults who suffer from frequent acne breakouts as well. Here, the different types of acne are explained so that you may understand the type of acne that you have and get the best acne treatment accordingly.

  • Blackheads and Whiteheads – Most people are known to be very harsh with blackheads as they appear really bad on the skin. They appear on the skin as one of the hair follicles is trapped in oil or sebum. When the hair follicle appears on the surface, it reacts with the excessive oil and appears black. On the other end, the follicles that do not appear on the surface of the skin and get clogged become whiteheads. They can easily be treated with over the counter, oral medications as well as gels and creams that have to be applied externally.
  • Papules – They are also very common type of acne. Most of the times, the hair follicles that stay trapped in the skin, result in redness, swelling and inflammations, because of which there appears a bump on the skin that turns deep pink to red. The Papules can also be treated with over the counter drugs. Mostly gels and proper hygiene would clear them completely.
  • Pustules – They look very bad on the skin and normally you would find pustules spread over a particular area of the skin. Pustules are one step ahead of papules. You will find a whitehead filled with pus (which turns yellow) and a bright red inflamed area around the bumped whitehead. Touching them is very painful and instead of trying things at home, one must visit a dermatologist for the correct acne treatment.
  • Nodules – They are generally not colored like other inflammations and are rooted deep inside the skin. They occupy a larger bump as compared to whiteheads and papules and are very firm if you touch them. They are mostly treated by oral drugs, but a dermatologist’s interference becomes necessary if you really want a good acne treatment.

No matter what different types of acne you may have, Miami Center for Dermatology has the best treatments.

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