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Concealer Won’t Fix Those Fine Lines: Try Fraxel

When you’re putting on your makeup in the morning, what do you see? How does the texture of your skin feel? Are there any wrinkles, is there sagging? Are there small, but still noticeable lines running across your forehead? For the most part, we can all agree on this one sentiment—aging is no good. There are many things that makeup can fix, but those fine lines are not one of them. Instead of covering up with concealer, try a Fraxel Treatment.

How Does Fraxel Fight Aging?

Studies show that signs of aging can appear on your face as early as in your thirties, and it’s no surprise that these premature wrinkles and fine lines can show up way earlier than you expect it to when so many of us don’t even take the time to put on sunscreen in the morning. Even if you do take care of your skin in this way (because the risk of skin cancer is indeed a real concern), your skin is going to start aging no matter what eventually. External factors other than the sun, such as stress, can also affect the rate at which your skin ages over time, but internal factors like genetics can also play a part in how quickly you age.

The problem with aging is that it’s tough to take it away. No matter how many anti-aging products you try, and no matter how many layers of foundation and concealer you can try packing onto your face, fine lines are stubborn to get rid of. Aging is like a clothing item you’re trying to give back to a store that has a no-return policy. Yes, this all sounds completely dreadful and hopeless, but there is a solution to significantly minimizing the appearance of fine lines, and we have this solution right here at Dr. Longwill”s office!

What is Fraxel?

Fraxel, also known as fractional laser resurfacing, is a facial laser treatment that can help with many insecurities you might have on your face, including fine lines. Many dermatologists have been using the Fraxel treatment on patients, and it works from the inside of the body to the outside. Since Fraxel is a laser treatment, you can have this procedure done on you in multiple areas of your body, but most patients go for treating their faces, whether it’s for acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, or wrinkles, A Fraxel Treatment can treat it all by using technology that aims to stimulate new cell growth in the skin in order to replace old cells that are in those spots on your face you probably don’t like to look at.

While having a laser beam pointed right at your face seems pretty daunting, it’s important to note that the idea of slightly harming your skin to help your skin is not a new one. Although Fraxel technology is innovative and revolutionary for people with textured skin, things like derma rollers and even exfoliators create microabrasions in the skin that signal the skin cells to produce new ones, thus making your skin look more youthful and making those pesky fine lines fade away.

How Does Fraxel Work?

However, what’s special about the Fraxel treatment is that it produces real, noticeable results. Countless patients undergo this laser treatment and are exceptionally satisfied because their old skin peels off and reveals a new layer of healthy, youthful, glowing skin. The procedure, depending on which type you choose, takes about half an hour and ensures a speedy recovery that only takes days, and full healing after just three months. Fraxel goes deep into the layers of your skin to encourage the skin to make more collagen, a protein that affects the way your skin, hair, and nails look.

There are plenty of topical treatments you could do yourself to minimizing the appearance of aging, but the way Fraxel works is extensively more efficient and can be done right here at our office with Dr. Deborah Longwill! Don’t be afraid to stop by for a skin consultation so you can see if a Fraxel Treatment is for you. It could change your life.