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Hair Removal Lasers: True Story

Hair Removal Lasers in Miami

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Hair Removal Lasers: True Story

Some people are prone to excessive body hair. It’s simply part of their genetics. Matthew* is one of these people. Excessive body hair ran in his family and, like his dad, Matthew’s hairiest body part was his back. Matthew’s body hair became an issue his first year of high school. The course, thick patches of hair on his shoulders sprouted in wild tangles. His classmates ridiculed him. As he grew older, the hair became denser and covered more of his back. The teasing intensified. By his junior year in high school, the relentless taunting was almost intolerable.

“They called me names,” Matt says, “Caveman, wolfman, Neanderthal, werewolf, monkey boy, gorilla- man, chi-chi-chi-chia-Matt and the missing link. I tried to act like it didn’t bother me, but the truth is it really did.”

Regardless of whether or not the teasing was in good fun, Matt’s self-esteem took a nose dive. One Sunday evening, the anxiety over another swim class filled with ridicule gave Matt an anxiety attack. Matt’s mother took action. She purchased him a set of laser hair removal treatments at a neighborhood Med Spa. Matt was excited about the laser hair removal treatment and how it might change his life.

However, the excitement turned to disappointment after the first treatment.

Matt’s back hair was dense which created an agonizing treatment for Matt. He gutted out the first treatment with tears in his eyes, but knew he couldn’t stand another four or five treatments. Nor could his mother get her money back. He resigned himself to living with unsightly hair – and the teasing it brought about. Medical hair removal technology had failed the person it should’ve helped the most.

Fortunately, Matt overheard one of his friends talking about her Pain-Free, Hair-Free ™ laser hair removal treatment. She called the treatment comfortable and relaxing. Matt obtained the name of the physician who provided this virtually painless procedure. A short time later, he experienced it for himself.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Matt said. “I was nervous when I got on the table, but after a while I actually fell asleep.”

Matt completed the series of treatments on his back. His thick, course hair made him an ideal candidate for Pain-Free, Hair-Free laser hair removal. The rapid delivery and low heat gave him the solution he needed – and his self-esteem has never been better. He’s so happy with the outcome that he’s started a series of treatments on his chest too.

*All names have been changed to protect privacy in all Pain-Free, Hair-Free Laser Hair Removal stories.

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