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Are Loofahs Beneficial for Your Skin?

Kendall Skin Health Doctor

Kendall Skin Health Doctor

 Loofahs Exfoliation Miami 

Kendall Skin Health Doctor 

Are Loofahs Beneficial For Your Skin?

In order to get rid of dead and unwanted skin without stripping your skin of its natural oils, we must use a loofah in the shower. There are many health benefits that come with using a loofah in the shower, obviously using it the correct way is what will allow you to have these benefits for your skin. Kendall Skin Health Doctor highly recommends using a loofah and using it right, for the benefits are amazing!

What benefits do the loofah offer?

Exfoliation– Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells, but quite often, some remain there and leave your skin looking dull and ashy. With exfoliation using a loofah, you can gently brush excess skin cells from the surface of your skin. By removing these dead skin cells, you are improving the look of your skin, creating radiant and glowing skin.

Circulation Improvement– With constant, yet gentle, friction your blood flow increases. Since loofahs are more gentle than scrubbers and sponges, they are less likely to scratch the skin.

Now that you know the benefits of scrubbing with a loofah, its time to go home and try it! But wait, not until you know exactly how to use the loofah!

Step 1– Brush your skin first with a dry loofah to remove any dry and flaky skin.

Step 2– Start showering and wet your body. Apply an exfoliating cleanser to the wet loofah.

Step 3– Start scrubbing your body with the loofah in small and circular motions. Focus on being gentle.

Step 4– Rinse with warm water, always careful to not dry out your skin with hot water.

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