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Miami Center for Cosmetic Dermatology
patient gettingLaser Tattoo Removal on her leg

‘Brenda’ is VERY Different From ‘Karen’… We Suggest Paying us a Visit

Laser Tattoo Removal

Making the decision to get a tattoo is one that should not be taken lightly. While you may be tempted to get one on a whim, it is a permanent choice that can potentially haunt you for the rest of your life if it doesn’t turn out the way you imagined. That is, until now. Do you have a poorly done tattoo that you wish you could get rid of? Perhaps “Brenda” didn’t turn out to be “the one” after all? Luckily, that is not an error you are forced to live with for the rest of your life any longer thanks to Laser Tattoo Removal.

Our team at Miami Center for Dermatology offers some of the best Laser Tattoo Removal services in South Florida. We utilize only the newest and most effective methods to erase those mistakes that are dragging you down. The route we choose in approaching your tattoo removal heavily depends on several factors such as the color of the tattoo, its age and location on the body, and what ink was used by the artist that created it.

Many common tattoos are made using an ink called InfinitInk. If yours was done with this particular ink, we usually recommend trying our Q-switched laser method. Luckily, InfinitInk has been proven to be easily removed with very minimal treatments if performed correctly. Additionally, many patients opt for this specific laser treatment because it is known to reduce the chances of scarring significantly and is supported by the National Institutes of Health.  

Best Tattoo Removal

The way the process works is the Q-switched lasers absorb the color used in the tattoo, not being limited to any one hue on the spectrum. Individuals of all skin types can seek this Laser Tattoo Removal service and consult with our professionals. First hearing the term “laser treatment” may sound a bit intimidating, but we can assure you that it is a completely routine and simple process. The technology we invest in is specially crafted to absorb tattoo pigments quickly and easily while inflicting little to no pain or discomfort.

A common question we are asked very frequently at Miami Center for Dermatology is “how long will it take to remove my tattoo completely?”. There are many reasons why a person may be eager to remove their tattoo quickly. They may be anticipating an upcoming wedding or special event, or they may be going into a profession in which visible tattoos are not allowed.

There is not one blanket answer we can provide to this question. The amount of sessions your tattoo removal will require greatly varies from case to case. The removal process as a whole heavily relies on your body’s ability to eliminate the ink. This is because, once the laser breaks down the ink into small particles, it is up to your body’s immune system to kick into gear and flush the tattoo away in the weeks or even months following each session.

Most Effective Tattoo Removal

For a more in-depth evaluation of what you can expect from your tattoo removal, we recommend visiting our center in person. The Miami Center for Dermatology offers a variety of cosmetic and medical procedures to help you look and feel your best! Call us today at (305) 279-7546 for more information on our Laser Tattoo Removal services or click here to make an appointment now!