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New Year, New Lips, New You! Tips You Should Know Before Getting Fillers

New Year, New Lips, New You! Tips You Should Know Before Getting Fillers

A brand new year is right around the corner. If you’ve been thinking about making some inward changes, consider some outward ones too, like getting dermal lip fillers in Kendall or Botox in Kendall! Here’s some tips to remember before committing to Miami lip filler at a dermatologist near Kendall.

It’s Not a One-Size-Fits-All

Before having a consultation with your practitioner, you’ve probably already developed an idea in your head of what type of lip filler you want. While many people come into an office asking for lip filler but do not know which brand to pick, other people are the complete opposite and have already made up their mind that they want Juvederm or any other brand. The problem with this is that your dermatologist will probably recommend other brands or disagree with you on which dermal fillers in Kendall are best for your lips. Of course, you should be well-informed and research the best cosmetic dermatologist near Kendall or any other area you live in, but let your doctors do their job.

Ultimately, they are the experts, and they know more about Miami lip fillers. Just because you know people who have gotten certain brands of Botox in Kendall or lip filler, doesn’t mean the same will look good on you. Everyone has different needs, and everyone’s anatomy is vastly different, so keep in mind that lip filler isn’t one-size-fits-all. The best thing to do when choosing a dermatologist in Kendall is to choose them based on their qualifications, expertise, and past work on patients. During your consultation with your doctor, you can decide together on which filler is best for you.

Skip These Things Before Fillers

IF you’ve decided to get Botox in Kendall or dermal fillers in Kendall, you should be cautious of certain activities before your appointment. For example, drinking alcohol can increase the likelihood of your skin bruising, so refrain from drinking the day before and after your treatment. You should also stop taking blood-thinning medications a week before getting Miami lip filler or Botox in Kendall, as they can also increase your skin’s ability to bruise. Medicines that contain ibuprofen, aspirin, flax oil, fish oil, vitamin A and E, cod liver oil, ginseng, or ginkgo biloba should all be avoided. If you have to take painkillers, opt for medications like Tylenol instead.

Before getting Miami lip filler, Botox in Kendall, or dermal fillers in Kendall, do not take blood-thinners for at least a week.

Some Post-Filler Tips

After your treatment, make sure to have some ice packs on hand, or washcloths soaked in cool water to prevent minor bruising or help with any bruising you experience. Using an ice pack before, during, and after dermal fillers in Kendall work by constricting the blood vessels, decreasing the chances of a bruise to spread. However, don’t place ice directly onto the skin, use a clean, thin paper towel.

You can also manage bruising by avoiding exercise for a day or two after your treatment, and by propping up your head onto a pillow. We know it’s tempting, but don’t touch your lips! Avoid rubbing or massaging the area of injection for at least 24 hours so that you don’t run the risk of spreading the filler to other areas on your face.

Looking for a dermatologist near Kendall? Our highly experienced team of dermatologists would love to help you achieve the look you want just in time for the new year. Visit our website and request an appointment!