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Find out How Our Cell Science Systems Can Determine Which Foods Work for You and Which Don’t!

Miami Skin Improvement Center

Ever wonder why you always seem to breakout with certain foods like chocolate, french fries, or even something healthy like carrots? At the Miami Skin Improvement Center, we have finally found the answer! The most modern technology is now available at our center, and it is known as Cell Science Systems or as the ALCAT test! Over the years, many studies have focused on how DNA type has a huge impact on what happens to your skin with certain foods.

After many studies, years of research, and hard work, there is now a way to tell which foods do not work well with your DNA and how those certain foods are toxic to your skin! Our Miami Skin Improvement Center offers this service to all of our patients who are dealing with acne, aging, or other skin conditions, to find out if there is a food that may be harming their skin.

The ALCAT test not only works to find out the foods that are harming your skin, but also the additives, colorings, chemicals, medicinal herbs, and more!

How does it work?

By testing the foods to see how your immune system reacts, we are able to tell how that particular substance can harm your skin, inside and out!

ALCAT Test Miami

Who should take this test?

At our Miami Skin Improvement Center, we highly recommend that everyone take this test because it offers so many benefits! You no longer have to wonder if that particular substance will cause you acne, a rash, wrinkles, and other skin conditions. Once you have gained that knowledge, you can learn what is better for you to eat in order to benefit your skin.

Are you interested in taking our Cell Science Systems test? Call the Miami Skin Improvement Center today and learn all about what foods can be toxic for your unique DNA today! Call today at  (305) 279.7546.

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