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Losing Fat vs. Losing Weight: How CoolSculpting Does Both

Summertime is here, but did you ever meet those beach body goals you set a few months ago? We all know that losing those unwanted pounds is way easier said than done, but what many don’t know is the difference between losing weight in general versus losing fat in all the right places. It’s a common misconception that going under the knife or exercising your life away is simply part of the process of getting the “perfect” body. Non-invasive fat reduction can help you get rid of what you don’t want while helping you keep what you do.

What’s the Difference?

Although it has been ingrained in our brains to think that to lose weight and become healthier, we first have to step on the scale, this isn’t the best indicator for what you want instead. Most likely, you don’t just want to lose weight, but you want to lose fat.

These are ultimately two very different things that can have very different outcomes for your body. While simply “losing weight” in general can bring down that number on the scale, it probably won’t give you those curves you probably want to appear after losing that weight. Losing weight can take away your fat and muscle when what you need is to lose fat while retaining muscle.

Perhaps you don’t even want to lose that much weight, but you simply just want to take out that little extra bit of tummy on you that just won’t go away. This is where fat reduction comes in—specifically non-invasive fat reduction.

Young woman on top of a scale weighing herself.

What’s CoolSculpting?

Technology can really do wonders for us, and the art of CoolSculpting® is no different. Utilizing cryolipolysis, a technique that freezes your fat cells, CoolSculpting® doesn’t require you to get multiple plastic surgeries or even require multiple trips to the gym. Because the treatment uses a machine that works its magic on top of your skin, CoolSculpting® is a completely non-invasive fat reduction procedure, so there’s no needles, bandages, or wounds.

There is little to no downtime so that you won’t be restricted to bed rest, you’ll be able to go about your day normally. By targeting and freezing the fat cells in the area you choose, your results will show up to 20-25% fat reduction in the treated areas. Speaking of areas, the FDA has approved CoolSculpting® and its nine key areas in the body that people usually have the most trouble losing fat. This includes the double chin area, the abdomen, and even on your back if you have any fat there. With this non-invasive fat reduction process, the results are practically permanent, unlike with dieting and exercising.

This is because fat cells shrink and expand in size depending on your eating and activity habits, but they do not go away. With CoolSculpting®, the frozen fat cells die and are eliminated through bodily processes naturally. Instead of just temporarily losing weight everywhere in your body, lose the fat in the areas you want it most. This will help you get the figure and shape you truly want.

Digital picture of what fat cells would look like under a microscope.

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction at Miami Center For Dermatology

Our experienced dermatologists are trained to use the CoolSculpting® technology on our patients, but the only way you can really start this life-changing treatment is to come in for a consultation so we can determine whether or not CoolSculpting® is for you. After this, we’ll customize a specific CoolSculpting® treatment to give you the curves you dream about while losing unwanted fat. Don’t be shy; give us a call today or book an appointment online!