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Practice These Healthy Skin Care Tips In 2019

2019 is quickly approaching.  As we all make our new year’s resolutions about our fitness goals, making better spending choices and calling home more, we forget to prioritize a significant part of our life and body: our skin. The skin is the biggest part of our body, and your face provides the first impression to anyone you meet. Wouldn’t you want to make your first impression the best one with healthy glowing skin? Since we’re sure you would want to kick off 2019 right with fresh skin, we’ve compiled a list of Healthy Skin Care Tips to add to your New Year’s resolution:


Always Wear Sunscreen

If you’re living in Miami, you already know the sun is hot. No matter what season it is, it’s always recommended to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. The sun has powerful UV rays that can damage your skin to the point of no return. While you can easily catch Vitamin D from the sun’s rays, which is needed, its recommended to protect your face as well. The sun’s powerful UV rays cause sunburn which can be prevented by sunscreen. Over time, these UV light rays can lead to dark spots, wrinkles and add years to your age. Research shows that UV exposure is the critical reason behind over 80% of your skin’s aging. Lastly, failure to protect your skin from the sun can lead to skin cancer.

Stop Picking Your Pimples

That pimple on your face is messing up your look, we know, but picking it can do more damage than benefit. Many think that popping pimples will provide a solution, and they do, momentarily. But picking at your skin will do nothing but create scars that are even harder to remove than a pimple. By squeezing your pimple, you can push bacteria and pus even deeper into the skin which will then cause swelling and redness. From there, you’d have to cover up more with concealer which will clog your pores even more. If you allow your pimple to heal naturally or apply a cream, it will heal safely promoting healthy skin care.


Get Some Sleep

Beauty sleep isn’t a myth, it’s needed. We all work hard and party harder, but getting sleep is an essential part of your health along with your skincare. Getting eight hours of sleep per night is what’s most suggested by doctors. With eight hours, your skin will be able to rejuvenate, create new collagen and heal itself from the inside out. Over time, lack of sleep will lead to premature wrinkling and dark circles under the eyes. The stress caused by lack of sleep will also break down collagen which will cause you need extra filters on your Instagram selfie.


In all, healthy and glowing skin should be on the top of your new year’s resolution list. Your friends at Miami Center for Dermatology can help you make your skin a priority. With plenty of sleep, wearing sunscreen and by not popping your pimples, you will be on the road to healthy skin in no time. For questions or product suggestions on what you can add to your daily skin regimen, feel free to give us a call.

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