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How Does the Cold Damage Your Skin?

Pinecrest Cosmetic Dermatologist

Pinecrest Skin Doctor

During the holidays, we become so wrapped up in the holiday spirit. The Christmas tree goes up, gifts have to be wrapped, and cookies need to be baked. With all of those things to do, its still important to remember to take care of your skin during the winter season. Did you know that cold weather can damage your skin and can cause problems for you in the future such as eczema, psoriasis and more! This is important to remember in order for you to take care of your skin according to the weather outside.

What does the cold do to your skin?

The cold is fierce and strong and can strip your skin of moisture and/or oil, causing your skin to become dry and sometimes itchy. You may develop several patches on your skin that are much dryer than others. Skin Damage Treatment Center highly recommends making an appointment with Dr. Longwill, to figure out what is the best treatment for your dry skin caused by the cold weather. There are many times that people with oily skin forget to moisturize during the winter as well, but this backfires a lot on people with that type of skin.

Dry and cracked skin can become painful and itchy and this is not just caused by cold weather but because the proper care isn’t being applied to your skin.

There are many things you can do for your skin, such as moisturizing, drinking lots of water and more! To read more about winter skin care treatments, click here!

Even if it is currently not the holidays, it is still important to remember that the cold can be fun to experience but your skin disagrees! Choosing the right treatments, care, and products for your skin will allow you to be better prepared and will also help you maintain beautiful, healthy, and glowing skin during any damaging season of the year.

Visit the Skin Damage Treatment Center for more information on what you can do to prevent the cold from damaging your skin as well as what products you can use to maintain better and younger looking skin during harsh weather.

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