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How Does Makeup Damage Your Skin

Skin Damaging Makeup

Miami Center for Dermatology

We can never hide the fact that the first thing that you notice to a person is his or her face, right? The more pleasing the face, the more people will talk to you and will become interested in you.

Putting on make- up makes a woman more beautiful, it improves her appearance. She feels more confident with a  boost of self- esteem. Once you have make-up on, you feel that you are ready to interact with people and you have the confidence to talk to anybody. However, even though make- up makes you beautiful; it can also be a possible cause of skin damage.

But how does make-up damage your skin?

If you like putting on make-up because it is your daily routine or it is part of your job then you should consider choosing the right brand of make-up. It means that you need to choose the kind of make- up that will not cause any allergic reactions on your skin.

There are two types of reactions that you can experience:

  • If your skin is itching and there is a burning reaction then the type of reaction would be irritant contact dermatitis.

  • If your skin is experiencing itching, swelling and there is appearance of blisters, it can be considered as a true allergy and is called as an allergic contact dermatitis.

Make-up can also cause appearance of acne or pimples and it will clog the face pores. This is caused by the content of the cosmetics preservatives that could harm the skin. If the irritation or the allergy worsens, then it is the time to consult a dermatologist.

A Miami skin doctor is one of the doctors highly recommended when it comes to skin problems. In Miami, you will find dermatological clinics and institutes that will undoubtedly help you. They have the advanced technology and methods that will heal damaged skin. They offer different skin treatments that will be applicable to every for of damaged skin that you are experiencing. Through their help, confidence will jump  back in and you’ll feel like you’re born again.

If you cannot avoid or you cannot leave the house without putting make –up on then be responsible to choose the right brand of make-up. Choose products that have no fragrances and that are oil-free, these will trigger reactions of irritating the skin. Look for products that are hypoallergenic, this will lessen allergic reactions, another is the noncomedogenic, this will not block the pores and lastly the nonacnegenic that will not cause any acne. Once you experience irritation, wash the make-up immediately on your face and stop using the product.

Everything that you put on your face or to any part of your body is your full responsibility. You should always think first before you purchase a certain product that you will use. Know the important facts and information about the certain product that you wish to buy. Ask your friends opinions if the product has a reputation of protecting their future customers then if it is truly a legal product and has been used and preferred by most people, this will be the right time to buy the product.

Be a wise customer and at the same time be a responsible user of cosmetics for you will not regret in the future once your skin is damaged.  Go for natural.

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