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Treatments for Skin Cancer

Is Skin Cancer a Common Type of Cancer?

Treatments For Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Is the Most Common Type of Cancer

Nowadays the most common cancer which is ruling all over the world is skin cancer. They are very dangerous and various kinds of skin cancer. They are caused when the skin comes in direct contact with the radiation of harmful rays which are not good for the skin; it burns the cells of the body. As science and technology are developing day by day many hospitals and institutes with their best dermatologist teams have done various researches and have found many ways of healing skin cancer. There are various helpful treatments that properly heal the infected cells in body in reference to skin cancer.

Skin Cancer remedies are:

The Surgical Treatments for skin cancer  when the doctors are curing the cancer, their main target is to remove all the cells which cause cancer. The method is practiced when the cancer has not spread much on the body. Mentioned below when skin cancer is surgical treated:

  • The Excision – in this treatment the dermatologist first numbs the infected area on the skin and cuts that part out from its place with some extra non-infected skin of the patient. The non-infected skin is also called a margin. There are several types of excision practiced with dermatologist.
  • The Curettage and Electrodesiccation – the method is used when the skin is ill by the squamous cells and the basal cells. They scrape out the tumor from the skin with the aid of a curette and an electric pointed needle. The process is repeated for about 3 times and then stitches are applied to the wound to cover it up.
  • The Mohs Surgery – when the skin cancer cells are not visible, this method is used. The skin is removed in layers and then the cells are been magnified with the help of a microscope. If the dermatologist does not find the infected cell in the layers then he keeps on removing the layers of the skin one by one until they see the cells. It is a time consuming method of healing skin cancer which can slowly- slowly spread all over the body. When this method is used, it is been said that the cancer is cured 100%. Those dermatologists who have completed their training in the mohs surgery can only perform this technique of healing the skin cancer.

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