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Fraxel Treatment in South Miami

​Fraxel Treatment in South MiamiThe average woman has many different creams and treatments. Whether it’s micellar water or hyaluronic acid, most women spend a lot of money over the course of a year to keep up the quality of their skin. However, what if we told you that there was one treatment that could do years of quality work on your skin in just a session or two?

In the fight against aging, the gold standard of laser beauty treatments is the Fraxel Treatment. Lauded by celebrities like Charlize Theron, no laser treatment delivers faster and more effective results. The before and after photos are astonishing, as sunspots seem to disappear, and wrinkles fade. 

What Is A Fraxel Treatment in South Miami?

A Fraxel treatment is a kind of laser treatment that has the goal of resurfacing the skin. The name ‘Fraxel’ comes from the word fraction, as the treatment focuses on ‘fractions’ of the skin, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. This uses the body’s ability to heal itself to boost collagen production and skin regeneration in that area long-term. By strategically injuring parts of the skin with a grid-light patterned laser and leaving others intact, this cuts down the recovery time a lot and regenerates the skin to a clearer, dewier, more wrinkle-free state. 

However, there are two types of Fraxel treatments, each with a slightly different effect.

1: Ablative Fraxel Treatment

This fractal treatment is a more intensive treatment that removes more layers of skin and promotes more collagen production. This particular treatment takes a bit longer and has a longer recovery period, but is more effective in one session.

2: Non-Ablative Fraxel Treatment

In comparison, a non-ablative treatment does not take off layers of skin and instead relies on gentler lasers for a shorter recovery. 

Who Can Use A Fraxel Treatment in South Miami?

There seems to be no end to the praises for Fraxel treatments. Recommended by celebrities and dermatologists alike, the before and after photos seem almost fake. However, they are more real than you might expect! Whether you are looking to even your skin tone from melasma or fade wrinkles and age lines, a Fraxel treatment could be right for you.

The most useful age for Fraxel treatments is between the ages of 30 and 60, as it functions best as a preventative treatment to erase wrinkles before they become ingrained and deep. Though it does not need to be repeated often, it is best to do these treatments before wrinkles truly press themselves into the skin. 

Though it is most useful early on for wrinkles, it is useful anytime for skin tone and texture. It’s especially helpful to get a Fraxel treatment in South Miami and surrounding areas, due to our constant exposure to the sun. The sun is truly our skin’s greatest enemy, accelerating aging and causing spots of darkened, rough, and mottled skin. Fraxel treatment can fade or virtually erase the spots, and even out rougher skin. 

What Happens During A Fraxel Treatment?

Before you get the Fraxel treatment, you should avoid chemical treatments at least a week before the procedure. This includes chemical peels like BHA and AHA and acne treatments like Retin-a. In fact, it’s best to avoid anything that can cause skin sensitivity. 

The treatment itself will only take 15 to 25 minutes. Once you lay down, they will apply a topical anesthetic or numbing cream to your face and wait for it to set in before they wipe it off and begin. They will use the FDA-approved Fraxel device to apply the laser treatment to the skin.

Once you are finished, it’s best to make sure you can take a few days off. The swelling and redness won’t go down for a couple of days, and after that, your skin will harden and peel, revealing your new complexion underneath. In the days and weeks after the peeling, you should take extra care to protect your skin with sunscreen and hats. 

The effects of a Fraxel treatment lasts at least a year, but often longer. It depends on the intensity of the treatment you choose, the effects you desire, and the state of your skin before you go into the treatment. 

Where To Get A Fraxel Treatment in South Miami?

​Fraxel Treatment in South MiamiTo get a Fraxel treatment, you will need to go to a dermatologist. Here at the Miami Center for Dermatology, we want to work with you to find the perfect Fraxel treatment for you. Our dermatologists are experts and have brought many people the best skin of their life. Contact us to make your appointment today!



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