Lash Lift in Key Biscayne

Lash Lift in Key BiscayneFeeling Anxiety About Your Lashes? A Lash Lift in Key Biscayne Might Be Just What You Need!

As women (and men) age, they may start to notice some thinning in the eyelash department. Additionally, their lashes might just not seem as full or rich as they once were either. Fortunately, or rather, unfortunately, this is an entirely normal component of the aging process.

Lashes do start to shorten, as well as lighten. Where some people may resort to things like lash extensions and falsies, others may not want the upkeep or the significant expenditure to maintain them.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop their eyelashes from needing a little pizzazz to look fresh and new once again. A treatment that is continuing to increase in popularity is the lash lift in Key Biscayne.

Many people describe the lash life as a “perm for the eyelashes.” Not only does it provide similar results without the notable price tag when compared to eyelash extensions, but a lash lift in Key Biscayne is actually good for eyelashes.


Some readers may remain familiar with keratin due to its popularity in hair care. This is what our hair is actually made of! Haircare products run the gamut containing keratin, the protein boosted with amino acids that help users strengthen and thicken their hair follicles. The good news? A similar theory applies to lash lifts as well!

What is a Lash Lift in Key Biscayne?

A lash lift is where a specialist brushes an individual’s natural eyelashes over a rod tool. This tool not only holds the lashes in place for a keratin solution application, additionally helping achieve the desired curl and extension effects as well.

The specialist leaves this in place for a few minutes before removing the device and applying a secondary “setting” solution. After a short time, the specialist rinses the setting solution and dries the lashes.

A lash lift in Key Biscayne cultivates a really nice curled effect. Furthermore, the stunning results last for up to 12 weeks after an initial application. The only downside? Users must not wet their lashes for at least 24 hours after receiving treatment! That’s it!

Once the lashes dry, the lash lift is complete. Individuals then wield that freedom to conduct business as usual regardless if this means sleeping and showering normally, or even rubbing their eyes!

The entire procedure takes an hour or less from start to finish. Some clients even say that the process feels nice and pampering, similar to a spa treatment. In most scenarios, they experience nothing outside of an entirely relaxing procedure that feels similar to getting their lash line massaged.

The Ideal Candidate for the Lash Lift in Key Biscayne

For those with a good number of natural lashes that simply want them to stand out, the “eyelash perm” can represent their absolute best friend. Some providers even offer tinting during the procedure as well to streamline the entire process.

Eyelash curls provide a similar effect as lash extensions without the upkeep or the cost. The procedure simply aims to make lashes “pop” with minimal effort. Add in the fact that users can even wear false lashes and heavy mascara after receiving a lash lift in Key Biscayne, most people really can’t go wrong.

One of the first things that most men and women notice after a lash lift is that it commands attention. For those that fuss over their fine lines or wrinkles around the sides or beneath their eyes, an eyelash lift draws the focus away from these areas. Many individuals seek the treatment out due to this propensity for helping the eye area look entirely refreshed without injections or harsh chemicals.

Consider that anything that appears gravity-defying acts as an antiaging implementation in some fashion. A lash lift in Key Biscayne helps the eyelids look lifted as well as a result of the new lash height, in addition to providing the illusion of lift without hanging or closing in.

A Lash Lift in Key Biscayne from the Miami Center for Dermatology

The eyelash lift is not necessarily an improvement of eyelash extensions. However, more and more individuals continue turning towards lash lifting as an alternative due to the decreased maintenance to maintain the overall effects.

To put it plainly, the treatment doesn’t cut or pull the skin and involves no injections. This is why our team from Miami Center for Dermatology remains proud to offer the lash lift in Key Biscayne. To learn more, contact our caring and dedicated professional staff today!