Lash Lift in Pinecrest

Lash Lift in PinecrestEverything to Know About the Lash Lift in Pinecrest

Do you feel like your eyelashes need some dramatic transformation? The lash lift in Pinecrest could serve as exactly the solution you need. This treatment has continued increasing in popularity amongst celebrities, as well as the rest of us regular folk.

Nevertheless, some confusion still exists regarding the procedure that our team from the Miami Center for Dermatology wants to help clear up. What exactly a lash lift? How does it work? Read on to learn more.

The Lash Lift in Pinecrest and How the Process Works

The lash lift procedure is relatively new to the beauty world when compared to other cosmetic dermatology treatments still offered on the market today. Nonetheless, the lash lift in Pinecrest remains a simple, quick process that can help you achieve a beautiful set of lashes you always dreamed of.

All you do is simply lie back while a specialist applies pads to protect your eyelid skin. Then they apply a solution and tint onto the lashes that helps their curl. The principles behind a lash lift are similar to a perm for your hair. It is training to help them curl in the desired upward direction as opposed to sitting straight.

Many individuals go in for a lash lift wondering if the treatment is painful. In reality, a lash lift in Pinecrest is actually quite a relaxing experience. However, if you possess eye sensitivity, or don’t like people getting near your eye area, only one part of a lash lift procedure may make you feel somewhat squeamish.

As we mentioned before, a specialist applies protective pads on top of the lower lash line to keep these lashes outside of the solution. Unfortunately, this means getting very close to your actual eye for application.

The good news is that part of the process only lasts a few seconds. This protection absolves you from a notable headache if the curling solution reaches the lower lashes and causing them to curl up as well.

What Kind of Results Should You Expect from a Lash Lift in Pinecrest?

A lash lift is not permanent, but a good one should last between six to eight weeks. Nevertheless, it is also important to note that the final results of the process and its longevity will depend on you.

The better care you take to preserve your lash lift will, in turn, directly affect how you can maximize the treatment’s outcome. Do your best to avoid oil-based makeups as well. These oils can disrupt the lash lift curling solution, making it much more troublesome to adhere.

Consequently, relying on waterproof mascaras can also create issues with a lash lift in Pinecrest. This is because you typically need to remove this type of mascara with an oil-based makeup remover, thus propagating the aforementioned issues.

Lash Lift in Pinecrest vs. Lash Extensions or “Falsies”

If you’re considering a lash lift procedure, you should consider a few things versus lash extensions. The level of upkeep for both is vastly different and should factor into your decision for the ideal eyelash treatment.

If you can handle caring for your lashes delicately, brushing them on a daily bases, as well as avoiding water, then lash extensions may serve as the optimal solution for your needs. However, a large portion of the reason that the lash lift in Pinecrest remains so popular is because of the ease in care and maintenance, i.e., practicality.

Lash extensions will provide you with the most dramatic-looking eyelashes that any treatment can offer because they add volume in addition to height and curl. Unfortunately, they can also damage lashes without careful care and maintenance.

Despite the lash lift not offering the same crazy-dramatic, voluminous effect, it still remains the ideal eyelash method for day to day use for the mass majority of individuals.

The Lash Lift in Pinecrest from the Miami Center for Dermatology

Possibly our favorite part about a lash lift in Pinecrest is that they remain entirely your eyelashes. This means that you can get water in them, rub your eyes, and do whatever. These are your normal eyelashes, after all.


Achieve and enjoy the best eyelashes you’ve ever had with the lash lift. Not only will this process lift your lashes, but seemingly thicken and separate them as well. Our team from the Miami Center for Dermatology remains excited to help your eyelashes look their very best. To learn more about this treatment or schedule an appointment, contact us today!