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Microdermabrasion in Pinecrest

Microdermabrasion in PinecrestLet’s face it: we all want beautiful skin. Most women, in their lifetimes, have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on creams or treatments. All this in the hope that it will improve their skin. We often buy products sold by actors and actresses who don’t seem to have a blemish. However, the skincare secret to the healthy glow of most of these celebrities is that, though they often use the best skincare available, they are usually going in for weekly or monthly facial treatments and exfoliation. 

Microdermabrasion and treatments like it used to be only accessible to the rich and famous. In the past few decades, however, these treatments have become more convenient and affordable. Now you can find affordable microdermabrasion in Pinecrest and the surrounding areas. If you want beautiful skin, then we at Miami Center for Dermatology want to help you achieve it!

What is Microdermabrasion in Pinecrest?

Microdermabrasion is a common type of exfoliating facial that decreases discoloration, aids in fading fine lines, improving skin texture, and getting rid of clogged pores. It does this by removing the top layer of dead skin with a gentle technique.

This technique involves either a diamond-tipped or handheld tool that blows crystals onto the surface to gently sand away at the top layer combined with suction to remove what it sands away. This procedure is very gentle and suitable for all but the most sensitive types of skin.

Microdermabrasion can also be combined with other types of facials. Combinations may include oxygen facials or different types of mild moisturizing facials, to maximize the effects of both facials. For example, our Oxygen Infusion + Microdermabrasion facial combines the gentle rejuvenation of the oxygen facial with the exfoliating renewal of microdermabrasion to bring you skin that looks younger, clearer, and more luminescent. 

How Do I Prepare?

To prepare for microdermabrasion in Pinecrest, you don’t need to do much. We recommend that you don’t use physical or chemical exfoliants prior to a procedure. These might include certain kinds of peels and other products.

You also shouldn’t be using any harsh medicated creams, like Retin-A, as they can give you a terrible reaction. You should also check with your dermatologist to ensure that you are not taking any medication that might aggravate your skin.

Lastly, you should avoid the sun and waxing! Other than that, however, there is very little prep that you need to do. Just turn up on the day off with a clean face!

What is the Process of Microdermabrasion in Pinecrest?

Once you enter the office, your dermatologist will have you lay back in a reclining chair, and ensure that your face is free from makeup. They will gently cleanse your face and dry it, then prepare the microdermabrasion device.

There are a few kinds of microdermabrasion devices, but most of them are handheld and involve crystals or micro diamonds. Once the device is prepared, then they will use the tool on your skin, especially on targeted areas, like smile lines or crow’s feet. The depth of the microdermabrasion remains affected by the pressure put onto the device. The suction from the machine will pull away any stray crystals and dead skin that has been removed.  

After the first part of the procedure is over, your dermatologist will apply a cream or serum all over the face to help calm the skin. If you have sensitive skin, then there might be some redness for a few days afterward. 

How Do I Recover?

Microdermabrasion in PinecrestAfter the procedure, you should remain very careful to stay out of the sun and avoid many of the things that you avoided before the treatment, like waxing, medicated creams, or other exfoliants.


Your skin will likely experience increased sensitivity after the procedure. You should avoid anything that might further irritate it. However, this is not a treatment that involves local anesthesia or surgical procedures. For this reason, there is little needed for recovery beyond avoiding further irritating the skin. After a few days, all you need to do is make sure to apply sunscreen to protect your new skin!

Where Can I Get Microdermabrasion in Pinecrest?

Here at the Miami Center for Dermatology, we provide several types of microdermabrasion treatments, each tailored to a different effect. Whether you are looking to get a facial for a big event, like a wedding, or just to improve your overall skin tone long-term, contact us today to find out which one might be right for you!



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