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Oxygen Facial in Pinecrest

Oxygen Facial in PinecrestDoes the Oxygen Facial in Pinecrest REALLY Work?

At one time, we considered an oxygen facial as a luxury only afforded to the rich or the famous. While many male and female celebrities still rely on the oxygen facial to look their best out on the red carpet, today, an oxygen facial in Pinecrest can serve as an everyday luxury.

Less exclusive than ever before, the oxygen facial is wildly popular. It is one of the latest and greatest anti-aging agents on the dermatology market, continuing to grow in popularity amongst celebrities and other patients.

An oxygen facial actually seems like a bit of a weird premise, spraying highly-concentrated oxygen molecules directly onto the skin. Nevertheless, the truth is that this treatment can actually help your skin achieve a beautiful glow.

Our team from the Miami Center for Dermatology wants to share some information on how an oxygen facial in Pinecrest works, and all of the wonderful benefits that the treatment can afford your skin.

Why an Oxygen Facial?

Most of us probably know of the numerous benefits that exercise can afford our bodies. However, one of the lesser-known perks is that exercise actually helps to oxygenate our bodies. This, in turn, improves our overall health and appearance regarding our skin. 

Increased oxygen stimulation means added resources to enable our cells to carry out metabolic functions. In fact, we oxygenate our bodies with every single breath that we take.

An oxygen facial in Pinecrest imparts a specially-designed process to deliver oxygen to our skin through a mist, mask, or cream. This procedure works on the basis that we can apply oxygen externally to increase the overall oxygenation process. 

As we age, blood circulation worsens in the body. This also means a decrease in oxygenation as well. For this reason, applying highly-concentrated oxygen directly to the skin also helps to stimulate increased oxygen levels and keep our skin looking younger and glowing for longer periods of time.

Patients also rely on oxygen facials to fight bacteria as well. Oxygen actually kills bacteria, so an oxygen facial proves quite useful in providing the skin with a clear complexion while helping treat skin conditions like acne and other blemishes.

The Oxygen Facial in Pinecrest Procedure

A specialist carries out an oxygen facial with a small pen-like device that we call an airbrush. When administered on the face, this airbrush blasts a concentration of pure oxygen. Some patients also choose to administer a concentrated dosage of anti-aging ingredients like vitamins, nutrients, botanicals, minerals, moisturizers, and antioxidants as well.

With the high-pressure administration, the oxygen facial in Pinecrest reaches deeper into the epidermis. This enables the body to more effectively absorb solutions for better results, as well as increased beneficial effects.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of the oxygen facial procedure is that many skincare ingredients wield a composition of molecules that simply remain too large to reach the deeper layers of the skin. 

For example, collagen, in addition to hyaluronic acid. You can commonly find these components in anti-aging applications. However, they still reflect a composition with molecules too large to absorb deep within the layers of the skin topically.

Nonetheless, when applied through an oxygen facial in Pinecrest, the high-pressure application enables you to gain all of these numerous benefits with a lower molecular weight. As a result, you can pass these ingredients into the deep epidermal layers, providing long-lasting beneficial effects.

What Results Can You Expect from an Oxygen Facial in Pinecrest?

Once your oxygen facial is over, your face will feel exceptionally smooth, well-hydrated, as well as plump. This helps fade fine lines and wrinkles, similar to the effects of Botox. You may also visualize improved complexion, improved color, and a warm glow. This is due to the increased blood circulation to the skin, and also the stimulated oxygenation levels.

The procedure only takes about half an hour to an hour, and you can apply makeup almost immediately after the conclusion of the treatment with little to no downtime. 

Unfortunately, the initial oxygen facial results don’t last for a large amount of time. The results of your first treatment will only last for about seven days. Nevertheless, with cumulative results, your skin will look progressively better with each application.

An Oxygen Facial in Pinecrest from the Miami Center for Dermatology

Oxygen Facial in PinecrestOxygen therapy can offer you a healthy boost of vigor and vitality to your skin. To learn more about our oxygen facial in Pinecrest, contact the Miami Center for Dermatology today!



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