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How Does Exercise Benefit Your Skin?

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Don’t you just love seeing those killer results you are getting from all that exercise? Did you know that a more fit looking body isn’t the only benefit that exercise gives you? After a few weeks of exercising, you should begin to notice a change in your skin too! Granted, you will sweat a lot, which may be gross for some people, but the results that you will get from your exercising routine will make up for all of the sweat! Dr. Longwill, who works at the Pinecrest Dermatologist Office, highly recommends exercising at least 3 times a week for not only the best body results but skin results too.

Exercise has shown major improvement in skin. How? Exercise boosts detoxification, cell renewal, and blood circulation. These are all things that can help your skin start to look and feel better. A healthy blood flow or blood circulation has also shown fascinating results for all skin types.

Another way exercise can help your skin is by reducing your stress, which can then lead to your acne reduction. Stress and hormones are some of the main causes by acne, and if you were to begin your exercise, you could decrease your stress and improve your skin’s appearance.

Besides those other benefits of exercising for your skin, anti-aging is one of the most beneficial parts of exercising. Imagine how much younger and fresher a persons skin can look with just exercising a few times a week!

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