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Holiday Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Dermatology Center in Pinecrest

Skin Care Dermatology Center in Pinecrest

Skin Care Dermatology Center in Pinecrest

Holiday Skin Care

Holiday Skin Care Tips

In this joyful month of December, with Christmas decoration, sweaters, Christmas trees and more, skin care and skin maintenance is usually forgotten or set aside. We all enjoy spending time with family and sharing in the holiday spirit, but just because its the holidays doesn’t mean you have to throw skin care out the window!

Its always important to take care of your skin during the holidays because of the temperature it gets. Cold weather can be harsh and sometimes damaging to your skin. Skin Care Dermatology Center in Pinecrest is filled with knowledge and experience, to help you during the holidays to get on track with your skin care.

Holiday Skin Care Tips:

  • Though eggnog and red wine are delicious, drink lots of water! Water is needed to hydrate your skin and to keep you healthy internally and externally.
  • Exfoliation is key. With exfoliation at least once a week, you can exfoliate your way to clearer, brighter, and healthier skin. An amazing exfoliant to try is offered at Dr. Longwill’s store
  • Make sure to moisturize! When its time to take the family Christmas card, you dont want to look like you have dry or red skin. Moisturize after you wash your face to add a glow and to protect yourself from the harsh cold. The best moisturizers are from Dr. Longwill’s store! Check it out
  • Get a facial! Did you know facials are beneficial when it comes to stimulating your circulation to create beautiful and glowing skin. For the best facials in Miami, check out the facials offered by Dr. Longwill
  • Avoid long and hot showers. Hot showers can strip your skin of its natural moisture. This can cause your skin to head towards dryer and cracked skin.

The holidays are an amazing part of the year, where you can open presents, drink wine, and wear silly Christmas sweaters. It can become a nightmare if your skin has become an issue. To avoid any skin issues, follow the holiday tips above. To achieve successful looking skin, Dr. Longwill offers the best dermatological products for maximum skin care.

Happy Holidays from the amazing team at Miami Center for Dermatology.

Here at the Miami Center for Dermatology, your comfort and satisfaction is our main concern. For that reason, we offer the best Skin Care. Call Today to schedule an appointment at (305) 279-7546 or Click Here to Contact Us Today!



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