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Here at the Miami Center for Dermatology, our goal is helping individuals achieve the beautiful and radiant skin they always wanted. For this reason, our team is excited to offer the SkinMedica® line of products.

SkinMedica® skin rejuvenating products have been featured in Elle, INSTYLE, Self, People, WebMD, and many more! With over 10 years in development, their innovative skincare products and treatments can help rejuvenate and revitalize the skin.


What makes the SkinMedica® line so unique is an ability to make aging a beautiful process. SkinMedica® is a truly remarkable skincare regimen that demonstrates a proven ability to rejuvenate skin while producing a vibrant, fresh look.

The company’s development team utilizes natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and E, retinol complex, collagen, and other antioxidants, combining these ingredients into a patented blend that smooths fine lines and wrinkles and reverses or delays the signs of aging by stimulating collagen production.

Although you cannot purchase SkinMedica® products anywhere, Dr. Longwill and the Miami Center for Dermatology team offer them as a part of a medically-supervised, total defense repair skincare plan. Our dermatological staff can help you design and implement a comprehensive skincare regimen for your needs.

These products possess the ability to literally rejuvenate the human body by employing the body’s very own healing systems. The SkinMedica® line is vast, and we remain certain that you will love the eye cream, tissue nutrient solution, as well as the SkinMedica® ha5 Rejuvenating Hydrator, APS Corrective Complex, and numerous other selections.

You can also combine their products like toners, lip plumpers, and cleansers to experience preeminent results. With such a vast selection aiming to help your skin look it’s very best, SkinMedica® represents the ideal product selection for almost any need.

SkinMedica® Benefits Include:

  • Easy to use and apply: SkinMedica® makes it easy to apply these products anytime and anywhere.
  • Results for all skin types: You will begin to notice the results after applying the daily regimen recommended on any skin type that you have.
  • A natural way to healthy skin: SkinMedica® has natural ingredients with antioxidants and retinoids to enhance the natural appearance of your skin.
  • Years of scientific research: These products are a result of almost two decades of research and clinical experience.
  • Physician recommended and approved: Consulting with your physician to help determine your treatment is highly recommended for your skin conditions.

SkinMedica® believes that everyone deserves the naturally radiant skin they desire. This is precisely why they invested in the years of research into cultivating advanced skincare offerings that rejuvenate skin.

Their entire product line utilizes the skin’s natural healing properties. Unfortunately, as we age, our skin’s elasticity will decrease, causing lines and diminishing the overall appearance. To counteract this aging process, the SkinMedica® line contains a variety of restorative components that operate beneath the surface to regenerate skin health.

The SkinMedica® impact on patients reflects clear and tangible results. This includes reducing fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, in addition to discoloration and fading. The products also improve both texture and elasticity.

The Diverse, Wide-Range Selection of SkinMedica® Products

The company also provides a selection of exfoliation products. These help patients remove dead skin cells as it deeply cleanses the skin. Exfoliation is a vital part of any skincare regimen. This is because this procedure helps the body regenerate skin faster.

When you remove dead skin cells from the surface, this reveals the healthy, youthful skin underneath. Exfoliation additionally encourages the body to produce a variety of different substances that benefit your aesthetic, helping you look your absolute best.

SkinMedica® also offers patients products that they design to both hydrate as well as moisturize the skin. After cleansing and exfoliation, hydration is crucial to keep the skin supple and soft. This is an important step to maintaining a youthful exterior.

SkinMedica® Products from the Miami Center for Dermatology

We currently offer:

  • Lytera Skin Brightening Complex
  • TNS Essential Serum
  • TNS Recovery Complex
  • GlyPro Facial Cleanser

No quality skincare routine is complete without selections designed to revitalize, moisturize, and protect. SkinMedica® products offer a comprehensive solution for any skincare needs, including helping protect from sun damage, in addition to skin cancer. We recommend the effective solutions that SkinMedica® can provide for any skin type.

If you remain interested in a SkinMedica® product selection, Dr. Deborah Longwill and her team from the Miami Center for Dermatology recommend consulting with our dermatological team to determine a perfect solution.

You can experience highly effective, in addition to beautiful results for your skin. Consult our team about SkinMedica® products today, and you too can instantly notice the difference in your skin. Click here to purchase the SkinMedica Products today!

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