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Beginning to notice fine lines and facial wrinkles blemishing your aesthetic? For many individuals, this often occurs unexpectedly. As a result, they may feel decreased self-esteem and lowered confidence.

Here at the Miami Center for Dermatology, our medical spa offers Botox injections near Kendall to help remedy this situation. This treatment helps patients remove imperfections from their skin, including fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, as well as numerous other common skin issues.

The Botox cosmetic procedure is an extremely popular alternative to cosmetic surgery, helping individuals remove wrinkles and a slew of other skin blemishes. In fact, dermatologists wield years of experience and perform over 6 million Botox cosmetic procedures each year.

The Botox cosmetic procedure works by utilizing a needle to inject a chemical called botulinum toxin. Dermatologists rely on botulinum toxin in order to relax and paralyze muscle activity that may lead to skin imperfections.

Once the treatment concludes, Botox injections near Kendall require an additional 24 to 72 hours to take full effect. Nonetheless, patients can expect to see optimal results in about 5 full days.

Botox only takes a few minutes and requires no anesthesia whatsoever. Its effects also last from four to six months after the procedure. Patients that receive Botox can experience less severe wrinkles due to the muscle relaxation side effects in problem areas.

How to Prepare for Botox Injections Near Kendall

Dermatologists receive Botox as a crystallized substance from the manufacturer. This means that they must reconstitute the solution with saline or another liquid. However, it is actually the total dose of the Botox medication that provides desired effects, not the volume of liquid in a Botox cosmetic procedure.

Minimize Stress

Most Botox procedures remain very simple and relatively short. Nevertheless, a medical appointment of any kind can make some patients quite nervous. Ensure that you schedule your Botox injections near Kendall at a time that remains convenient to your schedule. This way, you won’t feel rushed or stressed.

Inform Your Dermatologist About Administered Medications

A Botox treatment isn’t like a trip to the hairstylist. Always be upfront and honest with your provider about any medications or supplement your currently take. Some medications can result in harmful side effects combined with Botox injections near Kendall.

Stop Tobacco Use

Smoking or using tobacco before a Botox treatment can increase your risk to bruise at the injection site. Tobacco usage also interferes with healing as well. Inform your provider if you smoke, and ask how long you should avoid using these products before a procedure.

Cleanse Your Skin

Just like an artist paints on a clear canvas, Botox injections near Kendall work best on skin that is free from dirt, cosmetics, and moisturizer. Ensure that you thoroughly clean your face with a mild soap or cleanser, as well as warm water. Rinse your skin thoroughly and pat the surface dry with a soft towel.

Additional Uses for Botox Injections Near Kendall

Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) injects directly into the skin. The initial applications for Botox were for lazy eye, blepharospasm (an inability to move or manipulate the eyelids, as well as wry neck. Physicians used Botox injections in these medical scenarios for over 50 years. By 2002, the FDA approved Botox injections near Kendall to improve and relax frown lines between the eyes on the forehead.

Specialists can also rely on Botox injections to treat severe underarm sweating. This is an alternative solution when topical applications don’t work well enough. Many insurance companies even cover Botox treatments for this condition (hyperhidrosis).

Nonetheless, Botox injection is not only applicable as a cosmetic solution. The chemical’s muscle paralysis properties additionally treat a number of other bodily conditions. These include:

  • Eye Twitching – Botox helps eye twitching by relieving the twitching muscles that surround the eye.
  • Lazy Eye – Botox injections can balance eye positioning muscles.
  • Hyperhidrosis – This condition causes excessive sweating when you aren’t active, and even when the temperature isn’t hot.
  • Overactive Bladder – Botox injections near Kendall can actually regulate the bladder when you need to use the bathroom too frequently.
  • Neck Spasms – This condition is also commonly referred to as cervical dystonia. Botox can help neck muscles relax while treating pain and abnormal head positioning.
  • Migraines – The FDA approved Botox injections in 2004 to help patients that suffer from chronic migraine issues.

Botox as a Hair Treatment

When most people think about Botox, they think about treating wrinkles and other imperfections in their skin. However, Botox injections near Kendall also represent an ideal alternative treatment to help improve the condition of your hair.

Unfortunately, as we all age, our hair will inevitably lose its elasticity and fullness, just like our skin. Hair Botox can help fill the hair while making it smooth and reducing frizz. Botox as a hair treatment fills broken and thing areas in each individual strand of hair. As a result, your hair can appear fuller, and more lustrous.

Botox treats damages hair through a mixture of proteins, caviar oil, collagen, natural acids, vitamins, minerals, and a variety of healing agents. The treatment moisturizes and nourishes while simultaneously restoring hair from the inside out.

Cosmetic Botox Treatment from the Best Botox Doctor in Miami

Dr. Deborah Longwill is a pioneering dermatologist within the South Florida community, as well as her field. She represents one of the first dermatological professionals to begin utilizing laser applied tumescent liposuction in the Kendall area. This method is an advanced body contouring technique. More recently, Dr. Longwill spearheaded an initiative to use dermal fillers for natural-looking, nonsurgical facelifts.

The Miami Center for Dermatology additionally wields extensive training on the Radiotherapy SRT-100 equipment. This is a state-of-the-art technology that we can employ to help patients treat skin cancer. The equipment enables painless, highly-effective, cosmetically attractive treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers.

Dr. Deborah Longwill is also a board-certified Doctor of Osteopathy. Her training in this path involves considering a patient’s entire physical and emotional condition before finalizing a diagnosis. For this reason, she comprehensively understands how important focusing on a patient as an entire individual remains, as opposed to simply diagnosing and treating their skin.

As a cosmetic and general dermatologist, she treats patients for a wide variety of conditions at any age. Her training on the dermatoscope allows her to utilize the divide to detect skin cancer in its earliest stages. The device provides enhanced visualization of potentially cancerous pigmented lesions.

The Miami Center for Dermatology, uses the latest, most advanced technologies and therapies to ensure we provide the best possible treatment for patients, as well as their families.

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