Night of Beauty in Miami

The Miami Center for Dermatology’s “Night of Beauty” is one of our most highly anticipated events. On a special night once a year, the top cosmetic vendors and specialists in South Florida gather at our center to present exclusive products and procedures. Demonstrations are performed on-site as the experts take questions from interested patients and colleagues.

Our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Deborah Longwill, specializes in all areas of skin care, both cosmetic and medical. Equippedwith the latest technological systems and advanced approaches, Dr. Longwill is skilled at getting you the natural look you’ve always wanted.

Skin Care and Cosmetic Dermatology

If you have been considering one of the various cosmetic procedures offered at the Miami Center for Dermatology, this is the perfect night to witness the incredible results right before your eyes! Not only will more in depth information be provided on the procedures, you will also have the opportunity to receive unbelievable offers and discounts that you won’t find anywhere else.

One such procedure that is performed onsite is Fraxel, the revolutionary laser treatment that helps you remove years from your appearance and regain a more youthful look. If you are a patient hoping to clear your face of acne scars, wrinkles, sun damage spots, or melasma pigmentation, this is the ideal solution for you.

Best Coolsculpting Procedure

For both men and women who are looking for a way to shed stubborn fat, the CoolSculpting procedure is the effective alternative to traditional weight loss surgeries. Great for slimming thighs, abdomen, love handles, hips, and much more, CoolSculpting is helping patients like you achieve incredible results!

Try out both of these procedures, along with many others, at our popular gathering.

Affordable Cosmetic Dermatology Miami

While our Night of Beauty has already passed, it is never too late to start prepping for next year’s spectacular event. Complete with live entertainment, hors d’oeuvres, refreshments, prizes, and giveaways, this is one night you do not want to miss! Follow our social media accounts for updates on future events or give us a call at (305) 279-7546 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Longwill today!

Patient prepping to receive coolsculpting treatment
Dr. Longwill's office