Fraxel Treatment in Coral Gables

Fraxel Treatment in Coral Gables

Fraxel Treatment in Coral Gables

The skincare industry was worth about 135 billion dollars in 2018, increasing 60% in the past ten years. More and more, people are realizing that having beautiful skin doesn’t just have to be something you are born with, but something that you can achieve. Most of us have something about our skin that we would like to fix — hyperpigmentation, large pores, fine lines, and more. What if one treatment could greatly diminish or even erase many of the imperfections in your skin? Getting a Fraxel treatment in Coral Gables could be the right decision for you.

What is a Fraxel Treatment in Coral Gables?

In the world of dermatology, Fraxel treatment is one of the most dependable anti-aging treatments on the market today. 

Fraxel lasers are a unique, patented laser skin treatment that aims to use lasers to resurface the skin. Their unique application targets the skin in a grid pattern. This grid pattern strategically injures the skin while deliberately leaving uninjured skin directly next to it to jump-start collagen production and force the skin to literally ‘turn over a new leaf.’ 

Fraxel treatment is fantastic for treating fine lines, discoloration, and unevenness. 

There are two kinds of Fraxel Treatment in Coral Gables, each with slightly different effects.

1: Ablative Treatment

An ablative Fraxel treatment in Coral Gables is the most intensive type of Fraxel treatment. This removes more layers of skin and forces more regeneration. 

However, ablative Fraxel treatments leave open wounds and have a much longer recovery process. Many people find this kind of treatment more than worth it; however, lightening or erasing dramatic discoloration and smoothing wrinkles or acne scars.

2: Non-Ablative Treatment

If an ablative Fraxel treatment sounds a little too much for you, a non-ablative treatment might be right for you. This one is less intense, working off of a different wavelength of light that doesn’t leave open wounds. 

A non-ablative treatment also removes skin, but removes fewer layers and is more suited for lighter sunspots or fine lines. This is the most that most people will need.

How Does a Fraxel Treatment in Coral Gables Work?

Laser treatments for skincare is a fairly new concept, but it is a revolutionary one. Fraxel lasers use micro-injuries in the skin with lasers (what Elle calls “tiny columns of destruction”) that stimulate collagen production and increase skin cell turnover and accelerated healing. 

Specifically, they do it in a grid pattern, strategically keeping each section of injured skin next to a section of uninjured skin to rapidly accelerate the rate of healing. 

Who Needs a Fraxel Treatment in Coral Gables?

There are a lot of reasons why people choose a Fraxel treatment in Coral Gables. Though it is a lot more at the onset, it turns out cheaper in the long run when compared to the price of botox injections, facials, or expensive anti-aging creams.

A Fraxel treatment can dramatically rejuvenate the skin in a way that greatly reduces the need for other expensive anti-aging treatments. Here are a few of the skin conditions that a Fraxel treatment in Coral Gables is perfect to treat.

  • Wrinkles. This is the most common reason that people go for Fraxel treatments. The rejuvenation and resurfacing effects of the Fraxel are most dramatic on wrinkles, and can nearly erase fine lines. 
  • Discoloration. Whether it’s melasma, sun damage, or age spots, Fraxel treatments have a fantastic record with helping lighten or erase discoloration. However, people who have skin conditions like rosacea should talk to their dermatologist before undergoing a Fraxel treatment in order to not irritate your skin.
  • Skin roughness. Fraxel treatments are, first and foremost, a skin resurfacing treatment. If you struggle with skin texture, whether it is larger pores or acne scarring, Fraxel treatment can smooth out the texture of your skin. 

What Happens During a Fraxel Treatment in Coral Gables?

Fraxel Treatment in Coral GablesDuring a Fraxel treatment, the first thing that will happen is your dermatologist will apply a thin layer of topical anesthesia to your face before the procedure begins. Once your skin is appropriately numbed, they will apply the Fraxel treatment to your face, focusing on areas that need more intense treatments. 


Once you are finished, your dermatologist will give you instructions on aftercare that mostly boil down to staying out of the sun and not using any moisturizers that are medicated. Recovery can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the type of Fraxel treatment that you decide to take. 

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