Clareon Pulsed Light System

Laser Hair Removal in Miami Center for Dermatology

The Clareon IPL System is a pulsed light system (laser) that can provide treatments for almost every type of skin condition including Laser Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Vein Removal, and Skin Tightening. The Clareon System utilizes detachable hand pieces for various treatment options. The versatility of the Clareon System enables us to perform a wide range of treatments that would typically require multiple cosmetic lasers.

Featured Procedure with Machine: Laser Hair Removal

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Hair Removal in Miami

The Clareon System is effective, safe and works on a wide range of hair colors. The long-term removal of unwanted facial and body hair by the use of lasers and non-laser light sources such as the intense pulsed light (IPL) source has become one of most common cosmetic surgical procedures now being performed by dermasurgeons ,laser physicians, and specialized dermatologists on a worldwide basis. The IPL systems, a non-laser light source, have evolved steadily over this period and, today, remains one of the most common and dependable epilation modalities available at the Miami Center for Dermatology.

Dr. Longwill is board-certified in both cosmetic dermatology and general dermatology and treats patients of all ages. Using the latest technology and therapies, Dr. Longwill is able to provide the best possible medical treatment and care for you and your family. Call 305-279-SKIN (7546) now to schedule an appointment with Dr. Longwill for laser hair removal in Miami or any dermatological concern. Click HERE to schedule an appointment.

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