Kybella in Kendall

​Kybella in Kendall

Information on Kybella Treatment

Kybella in Kendall is a nonsurgical, injectable treatment that dermatologists utilize to help patients with the fat underneath their chin. Kybella is administered as a series of deoxycholic acid injections that target fat cells in this often-troublesome area. Nonetheless, the procedure requires no incisions while imparting very minimal downtime in most cases.

Kybella is a manmade form of a substance our body produces to absorb fats. It decreases the appearance of fat that hangs below the chin, or what we call a double-chin. Read on to learn more about Kybella in Kendall from the Miami Center for Dermatology team.

How Does Kybella in Kendall Work?

Deoxycholic acid is bile acid produced by the body to assist with fat absorption. The synthetic, injected form of the acid destroys fat cells beneath the chin area, preventing the area from storing fat. The acid can additionally kill other cells in the process as well. For this reason, a trained professional is essential for the best possible results.

Prior to a procedure, the specialist will mark the injection sites, and administer a topical numbing agent or ice pack. This will help them minimize and mitigate any pain or discomfort. Up to 50 injections can take place under the chin per session. The acid will gradually work to kill fat cells, eventually metabolized by the body over the following weeks.

Nonetheless, the number of treatment sessions will vary from individual to individual. For some, multiple treatments may remain necessary to reach the intended results. Patients may additionally receive up to six treatments of Kybella in Kendall. However, they must wait a month between each session.

What to Expect After Kybella Treatment

A specialist will design a treatment plan according to their patient’s specific needs. Most people will require additional treatments to achieve their desired aesthetic goals utilizing Kybella in Kendall.

Once the deoxycholic acid eliminates fat cells in the submental area, the results should last. It eradicates the fat cells and further treatment will not likely remain needed as the cells will no longer be able to store fat.

Although most people will begin to see visible results after 2 to 4 sessions, a specialist will also determine an appropriate amount of injections, as well as how many the patient may need to achieve the results they want.

Who Should Not Use Kybella in Kendall?

An ideal candidate for Kybella in Kendall is an adult individual 18 years of age or older suffering from moderate to severe fat beneath the chin. Anyone that previously went through facial surgery or planning for future facial surgery, in addition to anyone pregnant or nursing, suffering from an infection or medical condition near the injection site is not a good candidate.

Furthermore, patients should inform their specialist about the following:

    • Surgery or other cosmetic treatments on the
      • Chin
      • Face
      • Neck
    • Difficulties swallowing
    • Thyroid disorders
    • Swollen lymph glands in the neck



No substantial evidence exists on whether or not it harms unborn babies. It remains crucial to discuss options with a specialist about pregnancy or planned pregnancy. Additionally, it may not be safe to breast-feed while utilizing this treatment.

Information on Kybella in Kendall from Miami Center for Dermatology

Most cosmetic treatments are not enjoyable in the moment. However, you can say this about the majority of things that individuals submit themselves to in the name of beauty.

Furthermore, individuals seek out Kybella in Kendall to help them improve things beyond surface aesthetics. By removing unseemly fat from beneath the chin, numerous patients experience increased confidence, and self-consciousness.

Exercise is truly great for anyone seeking to shed some pounds. Unfortunately, some areas like a double-chin remain troublesome concerning weight loss. Similarly, exercise is not the optimal path for spot treatments and reductions.

When patients remain concerned about the area of fat beneath their chin, options are limited. They could seek out invasive procedures like liposuction, or utilize Kybella as an outpatient procedure that destroys and eradicates fat cells from beneath the chin.

Our team from Miami Center for Dermatology works hard to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible in a welcoming environment. To learn more about Kybella in Kendall from our cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Deborah Longwill, contact our friendly, professional, and caring staff today!