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Stretch marks or striae as referred to by dermatologists is a form of scarring on the skin. Stretch marks happen when the dermis, the middle layer of skin is torn and there is damage to the elastic fibers of the dermis and along with inflammation result in stretch marks. Even though this layer of skin is quite resilient and elastic under certain conditions, sometimes our skin just gives in, and stretch marks erupt. Stretch marks appear as linear streaks on the skin. The appearance of stretch marks varies from one individual to another, especially in-depth and color. Colors can range from a pinkish shade, to red, purple, even brown to dark brown. While stretch marks do fade to linear white/silvery lines with time, they never truly completely disappear. Stretch marks can appear almost anywhere on the body but they are mostly seen on the upper thighs, abdomen, near the armpits, breast, back, hips and buttocks.

Although stretch marks are not harmful and pose zero health threats, they are often visibly discomforting and prevent many people from wearing particular clothing with confidence. Stretch marks can happen to almost anyone. From women, men, teenagers, and yes, even celebrities. We most often hear about stretch mark outbreaks from pregnant women but the truth of the matter is that stretch marks are caused by various reasons. Genetics, hormones, puberty, pregnancy, and rapid weight gain or weight loss, can often cause the skin excessive physical stretching which results in stretch marks.

Laser Stretch Marks Miami

Laser Stretch Marks Miami

It is said that at the first sight of stretch marks, when the color is vivid and fresh, a visit to an experienced dermatologist like  Miami Laser Stretch Marks Dermatologist Dr. Longwill, of the Miami Center for Dermatology, is best.  Research indicates that for best results stretch marks should be treated as soon as they appear on the skin.

 Miami Laser Stretch Marks Dermatologist Dr. Longwill carefully analyzes the skin and develops a treatment plan, such as lasers, best practice skincare products, and prescriptions like tretinoin. She uses state-of-the-art equipment to combat stretch marks and this helps leave your skin as smooth as possible. One of her favorite lasers for stretch marks is the N-Lite Laser.

The N- Lite Laser is a kinder, gentler approach to stretch marks removal. It can be used to treat stretch marks on the upper thighs, abdomen, near the armpits, breast, back, hips, and buttocks. N-Lite embraces both the powerful healing forces of nature and state-of-the-art laser technology to stimulate the body’s own cells to regenerate themselves. Tired, slackened collagen is rebuilt, creating a fresh foundation, reducing stretch marks by up to 69% after a single treatment.

In a city like Miami, which is known for its high-fashion and skin-bearing outfits, Miami Laser Stretch Marks Dermatologist Dr. Longwill has developed a reputation for helping her patients achieve their very best skin possible. Time is important when it comes to properly treating stretch marks, delaying treatment can cost your skin the chance of repairing itself.  A visit to an experienced doctor like Dr. Longwill of the Miami Center for Dermatology can mean the world of a difference when it comes to your stretch marks treatment and skin.

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