Lash Perm in Palm Beach

Get Larger, more Luminous Eyes with a Lash Perm in Palm Beach!

Lash Perm in Palm Beach

Millions of women across the world wake up early to put on eye makeup. Whether it’s fifteen minutes or two hours, when you add up all the time you spend putting on makeup, it can add up to anything from weeks to years of your life.

However, many women are freeing up those hours with semi-permanent makeup. Whether it’s microblading their eyebrows or tattooing on lipstick, women are finding unique beauty treatments to save them time while still looking fabulous!

One that is gaining more traction in recent months is the permanent lash wave. Its colloquially known as the “lash perm.”. If you’ve ever had your hair permed (or watched Legally Blonde!), then you know a bit about perms.

The primary function of an eyelash perm is to use a chemical solution to curl the eyelashes for 2 to 3 months. This creates the look of an eyelash curler and mascara to make the eye look more awake and brighter. Many hail this trend as an easier and more natural-looking option than lash extensions or a lash lift.

What is the process of getting a lash perm?

Though it sounds a little strange, getting a lash perm is a fairly short and painless beauty treatment. First, they apply a gentle lash adhesive to silicone pads or rods and lay them over your closed eyes and adhere to the lashes to the pad. Once they adhere, they take a little time to separate every lash so they lay evenly on the pad and brush them so that they will curl in the direction that you desire. Next, they apply the perm solution for anywhere from 5-10 minutes.

This solution softens the hair and breaks down the disulfide bonds. After this, they apply the neutralizing solution and leave it on for a few more minutes, which rebuilds those bonds in the shape of the lash curler or pad that your lashes are adhered to. The whole process should take about 45 minutes and stay in effect for the entire growth cycle of the eyelash, which is about three months.

After you finish your lash perm, you shouldn’t get your eyelashes wet for 24 to 48 hours afterward. If you wet the lashes, you will prematurely destroy the curling effect on the lashes. Due to the drying effect of the procedure, your center will often send you home with a moisturizing solution to apply to the lashes periodically.

Who should get a lash perm?

Lash perms are perfect for a wide variety of people. Whether you are going on a vacation where you don’t want to have to worry about putting on makeup, or you just want to save a few extra minutes in the morning, a lash perm could be for you!

However, lash perms are particularly suitable for people who have trouble with eyelash curlers. Some women cannot keep a curl in their eyelashes no matter the method or are only able to curl their lashes after a long period of struggle and specialized heated curlers. For these people, a lash perm is a perfect solution to a problem that they have struggled with for a long time.

In humid South Florida, more people might need this than most. For people who struggle to curl their eyelashes, it is twice as difficult when the humidity is at its summer intensity of 80 to 90 percent. Whether you’re in Naples, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, or Palm Beach, a lash perm could be precisely what you need to take the frustration of curling your eyelashes out of your daily routine

Eyelash Perm Miami, FL | Miami Center of Dermatology

If you are like many women, your perfectly curled eyelashes won’t last 24 hours let alone 2 to 3 months. With the humidity in South Florida, there is no guarantee that the curl that you painstakingly put into your lashes will last through a wedding, graduation, prom, or quinceanera. Most women resort to false eyelashes or eyelash extensions for such an event, even though false eyelashes are often uncomfortable and eyelash extensions can have negative effects on your natural lashes.

These options are not even available to those who are allergic to eyelash glue. A lash perm is a great alternative to these procedures, with a much more natural and comfortable effect. The Miami Center for Dermatology is ready to help you achieve your most beautiful lashes with their lash perm procedure. Make an appointment for your lash line today!