Microdermabrasion in Miami

Microdermabrasion in Miami

Microdermabrasion in Miami

A natural, glowing complexion never goes out of style. Getting that glow can be a challenge during the winter months. Even though Miami’s winters are not nearly as harsh as up north, getting a microdermabrasion treatment in Miami will keep your skin glowing into the new year. 

Microdermabrasion treatments are a tried-and-true facial. It has visible, immediate benefits, like smoother skin and more luminosity. Microdermabrasion, as a treatment, can be a vital step in a skincare routine or a one-time pampering session. 

What is Microdermabrasion in Miami?

Microdermabrasion is a type of facial that gently sands away the top layer of dead skin using extra fine particles to reveal brighter, newer skin underneath. This process can even out skin tone, reduce fine lines and clear clogged pores. Removing dead cells allows skincare products to work more effectively.

You will see great results in just one visit. However, repeated microdermabrasion treatments can help to lessen fine lines and even repair minor skin discoloration. As we age, many small issues can be solved with one or more treatments of microdermabrasion.

When you go in for your appointment, you will lay down in a chair, and your dermatologist will use a small handheld tool that is tipped with crystals or a diamond tip. This delicate surface helps to buff and polish your skin and clear away the dead skin or clogged pores. They will generally focus on sections of the skin that need more treatment, like scaly patches or fine lines. 

How Do I Prepare for Microdermabrasion?

Though this is a gentle procedure, there are still a few reasons why you should be cautious about getting microdermabrasion. If you have any of the below conditions, then you should wait a while before getting microdermabrasion in Miami.

  • You’ve had chemical peels. If you have had chemical peels or other chemical-based exfoliation treatments, then you should wait for a while before getting microdermabrasion treatments. Chemical peels can irritate the skin. Although microdermabrasion is a gentle treatment, adding extra exfoliation or skin-irritating elements, it can cause redness or other irritation.
  • Rosacea, Psoriasis, or other skin conditions. People with rosacea or Psoriasis must often act very carefully about what they put on their skin or how they treat it. If they want to undergo a microdermabrasion treatment, it’s best to talk to your dermatologist and find out if that treatment is right for you.
  • You like to hit the tanning beds. If you are a big fan of tanning, then you might want to skip on microdermabrasion for a week or two before treatment. Carefully protecting your skin afterward will give your skin a chance to heal. Sun damage is very irritating to the skin, and microdermabrasion takes away a layer of your skin. After you get microdermabrasion, you will need to wear sunscreen and keep out of the sun as much as you can.

What Types of Microdermabrasion in Miami Can I Get?

There are several kinds of microdermabrasion in Miami that are available for you to get, either alone or in conjunction with other facial treatments. Here at the Miami Center for Dermatology, we have several facials where we use microdermabrasion in conjunction with other types of gentle facials for maximum health.

1: Diamond-Tipped Handpiece

This type of microdermabrasion uses a diamond-tipped handheld machine to perform the procedure. The ‘diamond tip’ is actually more like diamond sandpaper, with very fine grit. This is ideal for removing the top layer of dead skin to reveal the fresh new skin underneath. The amount of pressure that you apply will determine how much skin is removed.

2: Crystal-Tipped Handpiece

The other type of handpiece common in microdermabrasion is a crystal tipped handpiece. This is relatively different than the sandpaper diamond handpiece. Instead, it sprays crystals onto the skin and sucks them away at a high enough velocity that it buffs away the dead skin, like a sandblaster.

3: Microdermabrasion + Something Else

Another common trend in microdermabrasion is combining microdermabrasion in Miami with a different type of gentle facial. Though dermatologists generally don’t mix two different exfoliating facials, they will often combine a moisturizing facial with an exfoliating facial like microdermabrasion. Here at Miami Center for Dermatology, we offer a few different combination facials like the Oxygen + Microdermabrasion Facial. This can maximize the effects of both facials, rejuvenating skin, and smoothing fine lines.

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Once you decide what type of microdermabrasion in Miami is right for you, it’s time to make your appointment with the dermatologist. Our team at Miami Center for Dermatology is primed and ready to help you glow for the holidays. Make yourself or someone you love the gift of beautiful skin and make an appointment today!

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