Pediatric Dermatologist

Pediatric Dermatologist

Pediatric Dermatologist

At the Miami Center for Dermatology, we know that it can be difficult to distinguish if a child is in need of a dermatology appointment. It can be hard for kids under the age of 11 to speak about changes going occuring to their skin, such as rashes, scabs, or pimples. We find it important for parents to keep an eye out for certain signs that it might be time to visit the Miami Pediatric Dermatologist for a skin evaluation. There are many common signs and symptoms that your child will experience that can be an obvious reason to bring them to the Miami Center for Dermatology.

Our Miami Pediatric Dermatologist can instantly diagnose these symptoms and help give your child healthier skin! Click here to make an appointment!

Skin Condition Specialist

What skin conditions can the Miami Pediatric Dermatologist treat for your child?

  • Eczema
  • Birthmarks/ Port-wine stains
  • Psoriasis
  • Skin infection
  • Warts
  • Vitiligo

If you child has a skin rash, weird bumps, pimples, hives, warts, signs of eczema, moles, or something that you do not recognize, those are all signs to visit the Miami Center for Dermatology. At our center, the Miami Pediatric Dermatologist can provide the following treatments:

  • Prescription treatment of skin conditions
  • Medical and surgical treatment of skin conditions
  • Surgical removal of molluscum
  • Skin warts and other
  • Skin lumps in the skin
  • Skin biopsies

Pinecrest Dermatologist

We want to help give your child a happier and healthier life, without having to deal with the struggle or suffrage of a skin condition that can be painful and high maintenance. Let us help you, and call us today at 305-279-7546 or click here to make an appointment! We can guarantee high quality services, professional evaluation and treatments that can reduce your child’s symptoms, and advice on how to deal with these conditions if they occur again in the future.

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