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Aging Skin Treatment

As we age our skin begins to lose its tight and firm appearance. Fortunately Dr. Longwill has a solution for her patients! The Thermage Treatment at the Miami Center For Dermatology helps tighten and contour your skin in a single treatment; no surgery and no injections. Dr. Longwill and her staff want their patients to feel beautiful and confident in their skin. If you would like to know if you are a good match for the Miami Thermage Treatment contact Dr. Longwill today.

Miami Thermage Treatment

How The Thermage Treatment Works

The Miami Thermage Treatment focuses on radiofrequency energy. It combines heat energy in order to treat deep tissue and cooling effects to safeguard the surface of the skin and to provide more comfort for the patient. This skin tightening process is explained step by step below.

Step by Step Thermage Process:

  1. The cooling effects begin
  2. The Thermage device is placed on the targeted areas
  3. The radiofrequency energy pierces the skin’s tissue and the heating begins, remodeling the collagen.
  4. Finally, the cooling of the outer layer of the skin

What The Face Procedure Treats:

  • Sagging skin
  • Loose jowls or lack of definition in jaw line
  • Sagging skin under the chin (“turkey neck”)
  • Wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, eyes or forehead
  • Lack of definition in lips

Natural Looking Results:

  • Smoother, tighter skin with less sagging
  • Redefined contours along the jaw line and under the chin
  • Softening of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduction of excess skin under the chin
  • Fuller lips with improved definition

Here at the Miami Center for Dermatology, your comfort and satisfaction is our main concern. For that reason, we offer the Thermage Treatment in Miami. Call Today to schedule an appointment at (305) 279-7546 or Click Here to Contact Us Today!