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vShape Ultra

Uncover your natural beauty contours with visible, long-lasting results!

What is vShape?

Alma Lasers vShape is an advanced radiofrequency device for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. The system targets fat while tightening and resurfacing skin. Previous laser technology was limited to specific skin types, however, vShape employs calming radiofrequency energy that is safe for essentially any skin time. vShape represents an ideal solution to treat a variety of body parts including the neck, face, arms, abdomen, love handles, buttocks, thighs, and legs.

The treatment’s utilization of proprietary radiofrequency technologies enables it to target fat and tighten skin in a noninvasive process. This means no painful surgical procedures, uncomfortable side-effects, or troublesome downtime. The device is one of the only technologies available on the market that employs two radiofrequency modes delivering heat at different tissue depths.

One of these modes targets fat cells while the other tightens the skin. The bipolar mode treats superficial layers, and the unipolar mode serves for effective treatment in the deeper dermis lawyers. The deepest vShape setting is for targeting fat, the superficial mode is ideal for skin tightening, and the combination of both modes can efficiently target and treat cellulite.

How soon can vShape Produce Results?

For patients that undergo face and neck treatments, they may see immediate results following the treatment. However, changes regarding tightening and skin smoothing occur over the course of the following few months. We recommend multiple treatment sessions in combination with healthy lifestyle maintenance to optimize results.

vShape serves as a safe alternative to invasive face and body procedures. It incorporates the most advanced safety precautions, testes and treating thousands of patients safely. The treatment provides preeminent results with minimal downtime regardless of skin type.

Depending on the specific area a patient treats, most procedures will incorporate into their daily schedules. Furthermore, the treatment results in very limited downtime, with few limitations concerning work or exercise. Most patients return to their normal daily activities immediately following a vShape treatment.

vShape Ultra Treatments

Unfortunately, over time the effects of sun exposure and aging will begin to take their toll on all of us. However, your fresh, youthful, and vibrant skin don’t need to escape you forever. By utilizing vShape Ultra, you can turn back the clock without invasive or uncomfortable surgeries.

vShape Ultra provides customized treatments for cellulite and fat reduction, skin tightening, and minimizing stretch marks. Utilize the vShape Ultra treatment to uncover your natural beauty contours with visible, long-lasting results!

This unique technology can provide patients with skin tightening in tandem with fat removal while producing measurable, visible, preeminent results! Destroy your unwanted body fat and finally obtain the body you’ve always wanted.