Skin Doctor Kendall

Skin Doctor Kendall

Skin Doctor Kendall

Skin Doctor Kendall

Dr. Deborah Longwill DO, FAOCD.

Our Skin Doctor Kendall, Dr. Deborah Longwill DO, FAOCD has served the South Florida community in private practice since 1992. As a result, she has developed a loyal patient following. Her expanding medical practice is directly related to her holistic approach, which involves listening to the patients first and then explaining each treatment option to each patient. We take into consideration our patients skincare needs, lifestyle factors and other pertinent clinical considerations when creating plans.

Advanced Dermatology

In addition, Dr. Longwill was one of the first dermatologists in Miami to provide advanced dermatology through the use of lasers for skin rejuvenation and perform tumescent liposuction, an advanced body contouring method. Recently, she has taken on the use of dermal fillers to produce natural-looking, non-surgical facelifts.

Dr. Longwill and her clinicians have been trained to perform non-invasive skin cancer treatments using newly purchased state of the art Radiotherapy SRT-100 equipment. This is a painless but highly effective and cosmetically attractive alternative to surgery for non-melanoma skin cancers.

Focuses on Each Patient 

Furthermore, as a doctor of osteopathy, Dr. Longwill is trained to consider your complete physical andlongwill-office-pinecrest, best dermatologist in south florida
emotional condition before making a diagnosis. She understands the importance of focusing on the entire individual, not just the skin.

Skin Facials

Also, at the Miami Center for Dermatology, we provide several types of skin treatments for individuals with different needs. Some of our top Facials includes our Special Signature Facial. The Longwill Signature facial is a deep cleansing Healthy Skin Treatment that removes all irritations and acne off your skin. It provides a lift mask and many age resisting substances in the face and neck.

The Deep Cleansing Facial is a simpler facial that removes all skin irritations, acne and blemishes. It calms and the skin and smoothens it, making it look beautiful and lively. A similar but much better Healthy Skin Treatment is offered in the Revitalizing Oxygen facial which clears off the skin beautifully providing it with oxygen nourishment and cleansing. It brightens the skin making it look as well as feel fresh.

For patients suffering from Rosacea, we have designed The Rosacea Facial. It is a mild facial which soothes your sensitized skin and provides it with nourishment. It also strengthens the skin giving it an even tone therefore making you look beautiful.

Best Dermatologist in South Florida

Dr. Longwill is board-certified in both cosmetic dermatology and general dermatology and treats patients of all ages. She is one of the few dermatologists in South Florida with special training on the dermatoscope, a device which provides enhanced visualization of pigmented lesions for early detection of skin cancer.

Using the latest technology and therapies, Dr. Longwill is able to provide the best possible medical treatment and care for both you and your family.

Here at the Miami Center for Dermatology, your comfort and satisfaction is our main concern. For that reason, we offer the best skin treatments. Call Today to schedule an appointment at (305) 279-7546 or Click Here to Contact Us Today!

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Treat yourself to our personalized facial services all made with purely sourced ingredients.

Leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and naturally beautiful!

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