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Tattoo Removal in Miami – Miami Center for Dermatology

The Medlite C Laser machine offers patients the safest and most effective way to gently and safely treat a wide range of skin concerns including:

Laser Toning with Medlite C Laser can dramatically shrink pore size, build collagen to lift and soften fine lines on the face, tighten creases or loose skin around the eyes and significantly improve wrinkles around the mouth with no down time. The Medlite laser helps your body to make new collagen and encourages healthy cell turnover to improve both tone and texture. The result is smoother, younger looking skin that lasts. The Medlite C Laser remains the gold standard laser for skin rejuvenation worldwide.

Featured Procedure with Machine: Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal in Miami

Tattoo Removal in Miami

The MedLite® C laser represent the gold standard for tattoo removal. With multiple wavelengths to choose from, physicians at Miami Center for Dermatology use the optimum wavelength that passes into the skin and is absorbed by a specific color ink, customizing the treatment for each patient and each individual tattoo. The laser is engineered to force energy into the target molecules at such a high rate, they vibrate and shatter. This Photo Acoustic effect breaks the ink down into tiny particles, which are gradually removed by the body’s natural filtering systems.

Professional tattoos, on average, require eight to fifteen or more treatments, while amateur tattoos require four or more sessions due to the different composition of inks.  Treatments are spaced approximately six to eight weeks apart. With the use of a MedLite® C Series laser, physicians often achieve greater than 95 percent fading. This is why it is very important to choose a dermatology center wisely, at Miami Center for Dermatology we can guarantee our patients excellent results with any of our procedures using the latest technology. That’s why MedLite® lasers are known worldwide as the first choice for multi-color tattoo removal and we are proud to offer this procedure at our office.

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