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As skincare needs continue to rise, our dermatologist Dr. Deborah Longwill creased a professional skin care service called Miami Center for Dermatology. She cultivated her West Kendall dermatology center to provide patients from Coral Gables to South Kendall and all over the South Florida community with cosmetic and general dermatology for their skin care needs.

Dr. Longwill was a pioneering dermatologist in Miami, utilizing lasers for skin rejuvenation as well as performing tumescent liposuction. This is an advanced body contouring method. More recently, she spearheaded using dermal fillers to produce natural looking, nonsurgical facelifts.

As a doctor of osteopathy, Dr. Longwill’s training enables her to consider your complete physical and emotional condition before she makes a diagnosis. This unique and more integral approach to healing medicine and the body focuses on an entire individual, not simply their skin.

Dr. Longwill is a board-certified dermatologist in cosmetic as well as general dermatology. She treats patients of all ages. She additionally wields special training on the dermatoscope. This device provides enhanced visualization of pigmented lesions and can help medical specialist detect cancer early on.

Utilizing the latest technology and therapies, Dr. Longwill provides the best possible medical treatment for you and your family.

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Dr. Deborah Longwill

Dr. Deborah Longwill and her team wield over 25 years of experience. Our doctors are members of the American Academy of Dermatology, certified in dermatology as well as dermatopathology.

Dr. Longwill chooses to focus on the entirety of a patient while promoting overall wellness. This body-mind approach is one of Dr. Deborah Longwill’s many complementary areas of expertise. Studious by nature, she is always on the lookout for the modernist, most-effective, and minimally invasive procedures to assist her patients with their care.

This helps Miami Center for Dermatology stay ahead of the curve in the fields of general and cosmetic dermatology while offering the South Florida Community a resource for the best possible dermatological care.

In addition to taking action treating patients, she is also active within the community. Dr. Longwill offers her knowledge and experience to the dermatological and medical professionals of the future. This helps her pass on a legacy of patient-centric treatment.

Dr. Longwill provides numerous minimally invasive procedures to her clients in South Florida ranging from chemical peels to revolutionary therapies like CoolSculpting under the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic header.

Should You See a Dermatologist?

A dermatologist represents a resource for a physician who specialized in your skin, hair and nail health. While numerous viable reasons exist to regularly visit a dermatologist, unfortunately, a dermatologist cannot solve every skin condition.

Certain treatments can improve conditions like stretch marks or large pores, but nonetheless, it is important to temper your expectations under certain specific circumstances.

Dermatologists serve a vital role in educating, screening, and treating numerous skin conditions including:


If you possess acne that is unresponsive to over-the-counter treatments, it may demonstrate a prudent idea to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. This specialist will determine and then cultivate a treatment that is optimally effective for your acne and lifestyle decisions.

Skin Cancer

Dermatologists screen for skin cancer. Speak with your primary care physician or dermatologist about how often you should screen for changes in your skin. This is even more important for members of high-risk groups more susceptible, or with a history of skin cancer. These include fair-haired, light-eyed individuals, in addition to those with a history of blistering sunburns.

Detecting skin cancer at its earliest phases is crucial for a successful treatment. In addition to regular screenings, it is also important to schedule an appointment if you see transformations in the shape, size, or color of any moles on your body. A dermatologist can remove some or all of this suspicious tissue and examine it under a microscope to determine cancer cell presence.

Damaged Skin

If you want to minimize potential skin damage or care for aging skin, a dermatologist will recommend products in addition to lifestyle adaptations to reduce your exposure to possibly damaging elements.


Many dermatologists can offer skin treatments to help you improve the aesthetics concerning an existing scar. These include acne and keloid scars. A dermatologist may also refer you to a plastic surgery specialist for elevated treatment of more serious situations like scares as a result of burns.


Eczema is a chronic, fungal skin condition that results in irritation, itchiness, as well as flakey areas of the skin. A dermatologist will cultivate a regimen to manage eczema and prescribe an effective treatment.

Specialized Hair, Skin, and Nail Care

You can discuss any concerns you wield about almost any condition affecting your external appearance. This might include discoloration, warts, stretch marks, or psoriasis. A dermatologist can treat any and all of these circumstances.

Your First Dermatology Visit

Ensure that you check with your insurance provider about your coverage concerning dermatology treatment before visiting a specialist. You may also need a referral from your PCP before making an appointment.

Write down a list of the medications or supplements that you currently take and bring this along to your first visit with your identification and any applicable medical cards. You should also write a list of questions or concerns to discuss during this initial appointment.

Skip any heavy cosmetic application so the dermatologist can examine the skin on your face. Don’t worry, they want to see the real you while helping treat your ailment or affliction!

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