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Televisits for Consultation

MCD: Televisits for Consultation

Miami Center for Dermatology NOW OFFERING Telehealth + Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Miami Center for Dermatology now offers Telemedicine via your patient portal or by simply downloading the app listed below. You would need to register with our office, please call us to schedule your virtual appointment!

Televisits for Consultation

Televisits for Consultation


Televisits for Consultation




How Televisit Consultations Expand Access to Care

Telemedicine is a relatively new concept. However, with increased demand in the internet age, it continues to evolve at lightning speed. Televisits for consultation enable providers to engage in a remote connection with their patients to deliver the same quality as an in-office visit without necessitating a physical office appointment.

This technological innovation can help to protect patients and practices by offering an easier avenue to access care. As a result, this reduces the potential of serious infections and spreading bacteria and disease to ease burdens on providers. Similarly, televisits for consultation provide efficiencies and additional control over patient schedules.

Due to the latest issues regarding the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, our team from Miami Center for Dermatology proudly offers consultations with telemedicine technologies. 

On March 4th, 2020, the Federal Government passed funding and implementation recommendations via the “Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2020” to combat the public health threats that Covid-19 poses. 

With coronavirus COVID-19 and the CDC recommendations to practice social distancing and avoiding potentially infected individuals, telemedicine can offer a number of benefits and advantages. Read on to learn more.

The Benefits of Televisits for Consultation

In the majority of patient cases, telemedicine is a net benefit. Technology expands the ability for patients to access quality care. This is additionally a way that specialists like our team the Miami Center for Dermatology to engage with connected patients. Essentially, televisits for consultation provide patients and specialists alike with a convenient, accessible way to attain healthcare and guidance. 

Patients today live in an increasingly connected world. Telemedicine enables engagement with patients by allowing them to connect with a specialist more frequently, and with increased convenience. As a result, they can ask more questions, get more answers, and cultivate stronger patient-specialist relationships. This often empowers patients to take a bigger role and maintain more activity in their care.

Consequently, telemedicine makes it easier for providers to engage in consultations and follow-ups with patients, if even to check-in and make sure everything is going well. This leads to better and more determinable patient and care plan outcomes overall.

With televisits for consultation, patients can interact directly with specialists like Dr. Deborah Longwill from the Miami Center for Dermatology remotely through video chat. This software solution could be relied upon for photo feedback regarding rashes, moles, and other conditions from a dermatological specialist from our team from another location for a quick diagnosis.

While engaging in social distancing due to Covid-19 and its spread, this type of information and feedback from a specialist would remain seemingly hard to obtain. However, with the advent and implementation of telemedicine, this can encompass a variety of health services, ensuring that patients can always reach our specialists as necessary.

Information on Televisits for Consultation During the Covid-19 Outbreak from Miami Center for Dermatology

Televisits for ConsultationRemote visitation protects both provider and patient. With providers offering this safe and efficient way for both parties to connect, patients can meet with their own specialists, alleviating the need for urgent care and hospital facilities that are likely to already be stretched thin.

With this convenient access to care, our patients can save time and expense, enabling us to offer the same great in-office care, extended to a telemedicine setting. As we continue to monitor the outbreak of Covid-19, televisits for consultation will continue to serve us here at the Miami Center for Dermatology, as well as our patients throughout the South Florida community. 

To learn more about telemedicine from Dr. Deborah Longwill and her team and how it can benefit you throughout the Covid-19 health crisis, contact us today.