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3 Simple and Effective Ways to Protect Your Skin in the Hot Miami Sun this Summer

Protect Your Skin this Summer

Our skin plays an essential role in protecting our body. For this reason, it is important to take necessary steps towards promoting and maintaining skin health. However, caring for your skin does not need to represent a complicated or even time-consuming ordeal. Focusing on your skin may soon represent a second nature endeavor with a little commitment.

The sun can often impart more damage than simply providing you with a painful sunburn. Our dermatologist in Miami says that prolonged exposure to sunlight may lead to brown spots, scaly red spots, dried out and wrinkled skin, and the worst affliction of all, skin cancer.

In spite of the well-known derivative dangers that stem from extended sun exposure, many individuals demonstrate laziness regarding proper skin care. Your friends from the Miami Center for Dermatology want to impart some information on some great ways to minimize the effects of sun exposure while protecting your skin from the hot Miami sun this summer!

Cover Up

Despite approximately millions of Americans facing a skin cancer diagnosis last year, individuals still sun torch their skin in an attempt to look their absolute best.

One of the best things you can do to protect yourself against potential sun damage is covering up. The sun imparts its most intense rays between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Stay indoors during this time for ideal protection. Nonetheless, our dermatologist in Miami recommends covering up and wearing sunscreen.

Clothing made of dark and tightly-woven fabrics absorb UV light far better than cotton fabrics of lighter shades. Something to think about when you take a dip in the pool this summer, dry fabric provides more protection than wet.

Lather on the Sunscreen

The Miami Center for Dermatology and our dermatologist in Miami recommends always wearing sunscreen with an SPF protection level of at least 15. Ensure that you spread the sunscreen on carefully, and thick enough. Applying a thin coating will likely reduce the effectiveness of the administration.

If you plan on swimming this summer, ensure that you remember to wear waterproof sunscreen for optimal protection.

Don’t Forget About Reflected Light

It is crucial that you remember that even when you relax under a canopy or beach umbrella, this only offers a moderate amount of protection from harmful UV rays. These additionally don’t protect you from reflected rays off of the sand, snow, concrete, and even in the water.

Although water does not reflect ultraviolet light, it easily penetrates its surface. For this reason, residing in the water offers no protection whatsoever. Maintain care to protect the surface of your skin that may prove vulnerable to reflected light.

Dermatologist in Miami from the Miami Center for Dermatology

Dr. Deborah Longwill is a dermatologist in Miami that services residents from all over the South Florida community. She ensures that her patients receive the best possible treatment in a comfortable environment.

Dr. Longwill believes in practicing osteopathy. This means focusing on an individual as a whole, not simply treating specific afflicted systems or symptoms.

If you need help with optimizing your skin protection from the Miami sun this summer, contact Dr. Longwill and the Miami Center for Dermatology for more information on steps you can take to maximize your skin protection during the sunny season!