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Want Younger, Healthier Looking Skin? NovaThread Is a Safe Procedure That Leaves Your Skin Looking Naturally Young!

Best NovaThread Procedure

If your skin is starting to look unhealthy with age, and wrinkles and other imperfections are beginning to look more noticeable, NovaThread is the treatment for you. At The Miami Center for Dermatology, we offer the Best NovaThread Procedure that will make your skin look healthier and younger. Rather than use dangerous fillers or botox injections, NovaThread uses ingredients that are not harmful to your body. It uses needles filled with polydioxanone to help your body naturally restore its younger, healthier appearance.

Our Best NovaThread Procedure works by injecting needles filled with polydioxanone (PDO) into your face. Do not be afraid if you think that PDO is harmful when injected into your body. It is one of the safest materials that can be injected into your body and it is routinely used in other procedures like cardiovascular surgery. The PDO in your body will cause collagen to be formed, which is a protein that is crucial for the structure of your skin and other tissue. The PDO will be in your skin for 4-6 months until your body absorbs all of it. But during that time you will begin to see results as your body forms more collagen.

Thread Face Lift

NovaThreads can also be inserted in your neck and jawline if you feel that they could benefit from this procedure. If you are unsure if NovaThread is the right option for you, our physicians are happy to sit down with you can answer all of your questions and concerns to make sure that you feel confident. This treatment leaves no scarring, so there is no need to worry about it. We offer the Best NovaThread Treatment in South Florida, so feel free to come into our office and ask if this is right for you.

At Miami Center for Dermatology, Dr. Deborah Longwill has over 20 years of experience in cosmetic dermatology. She is constantly keeping up to date on the newest procedures and technologies so her patients are always receiving the best care they possibly can. Before her patients have any procedures, she sits down with them to make sure they have all of their questions and concerns answered.

Face Threading

To find out if the Best NovaThread Procedure is right for you, call us today at (305)-279-7546 or click here to contact us!