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Best Types of Facial Fillers in Miami

What Are the Best Types of Facial Fillers?

Best Types of Facial Fillers in Miami

Dermal Fillers Promote Rejuvenation!

With the advancement in technology, facial fillers have also come a long way. Now, there is more variety to these fillers and you can also get the one that suits your need, your age and your face type. Facial fillers are mostly used as better version of Botox that fill up creases and wrinkles instead of trying to tighten your skin artificially. Here are the types of facial fillers that you can get in Miami.

  • Juvederm– This is the most common type of facial filler. It is based on hyaluronic acid and is available in the form of a gel that can be directly injected into the skin. Mostly known to fill fine lines and wrinkles, it is used as the best remedy against signs of aging. Your face will look plumper and suppler. You also get results that may last as long as 1 year. There are Ultra XC and Plus XC varieties as well, which contain lidocaine that will lower any kind of discomfort while injecting the solution.
  • Restylane– This is also one of the most common facial fillers in Miami. It is again based on Hyaluronic acid and comes in the form of a gel. It is normally used for restricting any lose or sagging skin and lifting it all up for a firmer tone. It can also be used for more mature people who have deeper wrinkles. The Restylane L is the filler that contains an anesthetic called lidocaine that will lessen the discomfort.
  • Belotoro– Belotoro is a new kind of filler that is also based on hyaluronic acid. However, this one is used for all purposes like fine lines, fine or deep wrinkles, folds and creases lose or sagging skin and makes the face look far better.
  • Perlane– This type of filler is based on the hyaluronic acid as well. It is used generally for the wrinkles and lines across the nose and the lips. Therefore, freckles on the nose and deep laugh lines are cured by this treatment. The best thing about Perlane that makes it a favorite amongst the customers who opt for facial filler in Miami is that they are made of protein and can bind easily with water. As a result, your face looks very natural; after the treatment as well.
  • Sculptra– Sculptra is made of a different substance called the PLLA or the poly L lactic acid. It does not produce immediate results and acts very slowly. Still, it finds a place in the most popular facial fillers as it takes time to build the skin texture and gives a very natural look to the face, while defying signs of aging.

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