Our Citrus Brighten & Tighten Facial Will Give You The Back To School Glow You Desire

Our Citrus Brighten & Tighten Facial Will Give You The Back To School Glow You Desire

Out with the dull, in with the glow. While we have over a dozen facials for you to choose from, we highly recommend the Citrus Brighten & Tighten Facial, especially if you’re looking for a more vibrant, youthful complexion.

The Citrus Brighten & Tighten Facial

If you’re looking for irresistible radiance, look no further than our vitamin C-infused treatment. Our Citrus Brighten & Tighten Facial is perfect for those suffering from signs of sun damage, like fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles. We start the facial off with a skin cleanse, and then move to a relaxing massage to stimulate the skin. After applying a powerful Lemon Zest Enzyme under steam, we extract any impurities from your skin and then finish the treatment off with a Vitamin C solution, eye cream, and sunscreen.

Lemon Zest Enzyme

During our Citrus Brighten & Tighten Facial, the Lemon Zest Enzyme application is one of the most critical steps. Chock-full of antioxidants, exfoliants, and brightening properties, the Lemon Zest Enzyme is perfect for normal to dry skin, sun-damaged skin, or mature skin. If you have hyperpigmentation or require some serious hydration, this facial is for you. While promoting deep nourishment to the skin as well as helping to reverse any signs of aging, this topical product also brightens a dull-looking complexion.

Containing citrus medica limonum, the natural enzyme found in lemon zest, you can say ‘goodbye’ to dead skin cells. The Lemon Zest Enzyme also has ascorbic acid, AKA vitamin C, which is highly effective at stimulating the production of collagen within the skin, as it’s the only antioxidant that is necessary for collagen synthesis in the human body.

Lemon slices, extract, and peels. Lemon Zest Enzyme is one of the key steps in our Citrus Brighten & Tighten Facial.

Vitamin C Solution

Speaking of vitamin C, we also apply a special concentrated solution of it to the skin after extractions. This is also very important for brightening, reducing hyperpigmentation, decreasing inflammation, and protecting against damage from UV rays. It’s never too early or too late to start incorporating vitamin C into your skin routine, as it can help any problems you have; from rosacea to saggy skin to acne.

Like we mentioned before, collagen production in your skin is scientifically proven to be a vitamin C-dependent process. This is especially important for those with mature skin, as collagen production decreases with age. With a vitamin C boost, your skin will have a bright, youthful glow!

Vitamin C is a very important part of anti-aging, so we include a vitamin C solution in our Citrus Brighten & Tighten Facial.


Our sunscreen application at the very end of the Citrus Brighten & Tighten Facial is also extremely important in maintaining all the benefits of the facial. We can’t stress enough how necessary sunscreen is to prevent sun damage. Without sunblock, any hyperpigmentation you have will look even worse, making your skin tone look more uneven. Even if you’re not sunbathing at the beach, you should still wear sunscreen daily to shield your skin from harmful UV rays.

Signs of premature aging can also occur if you forget to wear sunscreen, such as early appearances of fine lines or the onset of dark spots. Trust us when we say your future, older self will thank you if you decide to start wearing sunscreen daily as early as possible. Sunblock also reduces your risk of skin cancer, especially melanoma, which is a very dangerous and aggressive form of skin cancer. We have plenty of sunscreens to choose from in our online skincare shop.

Citrus Brighten & Tighten Facial at Miami Center For Dermatology

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