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Enjoy the Beach Hair Free: Try Laser Hair Removal Today!

Laser Hair Removal in Pinecrest

Do you want to be hair free for the rest of your life? It sounds like a pretty fantastic and super easy thing to commit to, right? Well, our Laser Hair Removal in Pinecrest has provided this ability to both men and women all over the South Florida community. Here at the Miami Center for Dermatology, our staff wants to invite you to do a few things. Toss your razor, kiss your tweezers good-bye, and lose the wax already. We have the better solution, which is the innovative laser hair removal treatment. Dr. Longwill offers Laser Hair Removal in Pinecrest to the men and women who are looking to reduce the amount of hair growth on their body.

Best Laser Hair Removal in South Florida

Especially because of the heat in South Florida, all of our patients really love the results of our Laser Hair Removal services. At the Miami Center for Dermatology, we treat almost all of the body’s areas with Laser Hair Removal. These areas include the following: the face, legs, arms, chest, back and even sensitive areas like underarms or bikini. Although most people have heard that this process is painful, it actually just feels like a series of short snaps. Our professionals best describe it as if it were a rubber band snapping the skin in short segments. There is no local anesthetic or medication required, but patients can use a topical anesthetic. This may be helpful when the more sensitive areas of the body are being treated.

Professional Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Although several patients see and notice a difference immediately after their first treatment, our Laser Hair Removal in Pinecrest may take up to a few days to show results. Also, the beauty of our innovative technology is that, yes, it is 100% safe. Our lasers treat the hairs without ever making contact with the skin. Call us to make your appointment today at  (305) 279-7546 or email

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